Alpine Swift – records

Tachymarptis melba (Apus melba) – COBLYN YR ALPAU – Rare visitor

Earlier records are summarised in Alpine Swift – 1994.

1999: Pembrokeshire St Davids, 30th May 1999 (A.Payne). Dinas Cross, 25th August 1999 (S.E.Berry).

2002: Pembrokeshire Skokholm, 24th March 2002 (T.Purcell, G.Thompson). Penberi Pool, St Davids, 25th March (S.E.Duffield et al.). Mullock Bridge, 26th March (S.D.Bosanquet). Thought to be the same bird, at time of influx into Britain around those dates.

2006: A single bird at Porth-y-Rhaw, 23rd April 2006 (R.Dobbins).

2018: A single on Skomer on 19th May (MW & TW). First record for the island.

Sources: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports.

1999 and 2002 records ratified by BBRC.

Records since then are considered by the Welsh Records Panel. 

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