Booted Warbler – Records

Iduna caligataTelor BacsiogVagrant

1993: Dyfed Skokholm, 25th-28th September, photo. (J.E. & J.W.Donovan, I. & K.Johnson et al.).

2000: Pembrokeshire Skomer, 14th-15th September (S.Avery, M.J.Pilsworth).

2013: Singles Ramsey on 23rd September and Skokholm on 25th September. Both accepted by BBRC as the 2nd & 3rd county records and only the 5th & 6th for Wales. The only other earlier records for the county came from Skokholm 1993 and Skomer in 2000. 

One mist netted behind the Wheelhouse on 25 September was the second for Skokholm (SW, TW, RDB et al.). The ringed bird was released into the Courtyard but soon relocated to behind the Wheelhouse where it was watched feeding amongst ragwort. As the afternoon progressed the bird began to venture further from the Farm and was surprisingly relocated in bracken near Crab Bay by observers heading to the Lighthouse. The bird flew north and was not seen again.

This bird followed one on Ramsey Island, 18km to the north, on 23 September; both birds exhibited distinctive pale growth-bars in the tail, the pattern of which showed the two birds to be different. A small body feather from the Skokholm bird was sent for mitochondrial DNA analysis which confirmed the ID. Skokholm annual Report 2013

Source: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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