Montagu’s Harrier – records

Circus pygargusBoda MontaguPassage migrant

Earlier records summarised in Montagu’s Harrier 1994

1994 – Female Skomer 15 May was the only record (GR, OR)

1995 – A first year male graced Skomer on the 30 Apr. Seen by various members of the Trust’s Mid Pembs Section

1998 – Ring-tails Porthmynawyd 26 May (RS et al) and Skomer 27 & 28 Aug (NL et al).

2001 – A male flew north over Castlemartin Range 12 May (DJA, SEB, JG, PG).

2005 – A male at Skomer on 3 May (JGB et al) was then seen at Marloes Mere 7-9 May (BA, PKG)

2007 – A male seen by Merlin’s Bridge. Haverfordwest on 1st May (SEB).

2013 – A female on Skomer 26 Apr – 1 May (DB, LY et al) was also seen on Ramsey 1st – 3rd May (GM).

Source – Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

A note from Graham Rees in the 1998 bird report:

Readers will note the inclusion of two sightings of ring-tailed Harriers deemed by the observers to have been Montagu’s. However, the descriptions accompanying the records do not exclude the possibility Of them being Pallid Harriers. This generated much discussion among the local records committee. the majority view emerging that it seems best to continue to publish Such records With the qualifying caveat that: unless specifically noted (in the systematic list entry) the unlikely possibility that Pallid was involved has not been excluded. The reasoning behind this decision was: observers should not be discouraged from submitting such records, which would mean that descriptions can be archived for review should further identification Criteria emerge. The records will at least reveal pattern Of occurrence of “small” ring-tails, which statistically should largely involve Montagu’s rather than Pallid, the latter yet to be recorded for the County. A scan of the past records Of ring-tails accredited to Montagu’s show that in some cases Pallid has been eliminated but in others have not. Males, of course, present no problem. Reader’s views on this topic would be welcomed

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