Semi-palmated Sandpiper – records

Calidris pusillaPibydd LlwydVagrant

There have now been four records of this attractive American peep in Pembrokeshire. The first was on Skokholm in 1964 and was also the first Welsh record. This and the most recent record were of adults whereas the 2007 individual was a juvenile.

1964: Skokholm (moulting adult) 20 to 21 July (A  W Diamond, W J Plumb) (BB 58)

2007 – The Gann (juv – photo below) 14 to 27 Oct (D J Astins, P K Grennard et al) (BB 101:538)

Photo (c) David Astins

2013 – The Gann (juvenile – photo below) 3rd – 5th Sept (D Grimwood et al) (BB Vol 107:599-600)


Photo (c) Richard Crossen 

2016 – A 2nd CY+ at the Gann, (BB Vol 110:581) 5 – 8 Aug (DG et al). Photo below (c) David Astins

Mike Young-Powell 

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