Bee-eater – Records

Merops apiaster – Gwybedog y GwenynVagrant

Records prior to 1993 are summarised in Bee-eater – 1994

1993 – One Skomer 23rd May (KJSD, SJS) and perhaps the same bird at St Nicholas 25th May (MC).  These may also be the same bird as seen in Anglesey and Ceredigion in May and June.

1996 – One seen at Ramsey around the farmhouse on 12th June (IDB). (not submitted to WBRC?)

1997 – One on the morning of 13th May on Skokholm, the first record for the island. It proceeded to devour numerous bumble-bees caught in brief sorties made from it’s elder bush or fence-wire perches (GT). May have been the same bird as seen a few days later on the Great Orme in Caernarfonshire

1999 – One at Maengwyn Farm (near Rosebush) 20th June. (JS). (not submitted to WBRC?)

2003 – One Skomer, 1st May. (MO, CJ). Another Skokholm and Marloes Mere on 8th June, presumed to be the same bird (GT, GN, CR I).

2004 – One at Dale on 9th May (2004 Welsh Bird Report. Vol. 4. No. 4).

2007 – One at Treleyddn Farm, near St Davids, on 2nd May (PJG et al).

2008 – Two records, both singles. The first at Dinas Cross on 27th April (JP Daniels); the second on Ramsey on 24th June, where the bird sat on the Waterings exclosure for 40 minutes before flying off high towards the mainland (per Greg Morgan).

2011 – Two flew over Pen Anglas on 22nd April (SEB) (thought to be the same as the two seen at Aberporth a few days later), and a single was seen on Skomer on 14th June (DB) – the 3rd island record – presumed to be the same one seen at Gower later the same day.

2012 – One at Strumble Head on 19th May (RS).

2014 – Three were seen passing over St. Davids Head on 17th May (KYP, MYP).

Source: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports, with additional comments from the Islands and Welsh Bird Reports

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