Ring-necked Parakeet – records

Psittacula krameriParacît torchogEscape/Feral visitor

Previous records are listed in Ring-necked Parakeet 1994

1996 – one at Teifi Marshes, 6 Oct (JG)

2009 – Single, presumed escaped, at Milford Haven on 30 Sept-1 Oct. (PKG).

2014 – 17th & 18th November – a ring necked parakeet in our garden in Hook on 17th November (David Ord).

Source Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

Note – single birds were also mentioned in the bird sightings blog in 2015 and 2017, and another 3 in 2015 recorded via the BTO into the NBN. These were not reported to the bird recorder, and so did not get into the bird reports. They were all presumed to be local escapes as there are no established populations in Wales yet (2018 Welsh bird report).

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