Green-winged Teal – records

Anas carolinensisCorhwyaden Asgell-werdd

Previously considered to be the American sub-species of Teal Anas crecca. All records are of males, as females indistinguishable in the field from other female teals.

Males were noted at Rosehill Marsh on 30th January 1972; at the Gann on 22nd – 27th April 1977 and 2nd March 1986 (Donovan and Rees, 1994).  

1996 – individuals (perhaps the same one) at Skokholm 15th to 17th April (G Thompson) and Marloes Mere 3rd to 11th May 1996 (KJS Devonald, GH Rees et al).

1997 – a male at Skokholm 17th April 1997 and at Skomer 18th April to 1st May.  

2000 – one Skomer 17th to 20th November.

2001 – singles on Skokholm 22nd February and 22nd March; singles at Newgale 14th to 30th March; Marloes Mere 12-13th May.

2003 – One was at Little Milford 9th January.

2004 – one at Skomer 16th February and probably the same bird was also seen at Lawrenny 16th February.

2005 – one was at Newgale 2nd to 12th December and Skomer 26th November, with two different males on the island on 28th November; probably three birds were involved altogether.

2009 – one was at Marloes Mere on 4th May.

2010 – were two records: one at Marloes Mere from 8th to 25th April and another at the Gann on 25th December – both probably relating to the same returning male from last year.

2011 – three records, all singles and probably relating to the same individual: In January at Sprinkle Pill on 16th, at Marloes Mere a bird first seen on 12th February was last recorded on 2nd May, and at Penberry Reservoir on 6th and 7th May.

2013 – singles were reported at Sprinkle Pill from 12th January until 9th February; at Marloes on 17th June and later in the year at Milton on 27th November; and finally at Newgale from 26th December until the end of the year.

2014 – one at Newgale Marsh from 2013 into 2014 was joined by a second bird on 19th January to 1st April.

2015 – the presumed returning bird on the Cleddau was at Hook, close to Millin Pill, on 21st February.

Source: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports