Pratincole – 2014

Glareola pratincolaCwtiad-wennol DorchogRare visitor

One was on Skokholm on 1st May 2014. The first confirmed county record and only the third record for Wales (Birds in Wales vol 12 No. 2).

Extract from the 2014 Skokholm Bird Observatory Report “A vocal flyover on 1st May approached from the east, crossed North Plain, quickly reached the Lighthouse and circled briefly before departing high and north (NM et al). Despite its fleeting appearance, good views of both the chestnut underwing and white trailing edge to the secondaries were secured.

NB. There are two previous records of an unidentified Pratincole in Pembrokeshire: one at Bosherston Pools on 13th April 1981, which was thought likely to be this species, and one at Llanstinan some time prior to 1894.

Source: Skokholm Annual Report 2014

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