Red-breasted Flycatcher – 2015 Skokholm

Ficedula parvaGwybedog BrongochRare visitor

A first-winter bird found in the Courtyard on 6th October was later trapped in the Wheelhouse Heligoland, but not seen the following day (BB et al.). It spent much of the 6th fly-catching from the Elders and occasionally plucking Cross Spiders Araneus diadematus from their webs.

Remarkably the bird was controlled eight days later in a pub garden at Kilbaha, Loop Head, County Clare, Ireland (328km at 288 degrees west-north-west); this was only the third time that a movement between Britain and another country has been recorded for this species.

There have now been seven Skokholm birds in the past four years.

Skokholm Bird Observatory Annual Report 2015 (Richard Brown & Giselle Eagle)

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