Glossy Ibis – Records

Plegadis falcinellusCrymanbig DuVagrant

1976 – Gann, 20 August

1996 – What was presumably the same bird was at the Gann 15 June (DPD), Marloes Mere 15-16 June (MC, KJSD) and Skokholm 19 June (GT)

2009 – Single juvenile was present on the Teifi Estuary and viewed in Pembs on 13, 15 and 18 Sept (HT, WJ, DJ, JG, RD).  Also on 18 Sept a flock moving south down the West Wales coast first seen at Bardsey Island Gwynedd was picked up flying over St Dogmaels (WJ) and a short time later over Newport (SB), on both occasions it contained 9 birds.  Finally a single bird reported near Mathry on 14 Nov (N Walton).

2012 – The first record for the year was two flying over Westfield Pill on 12th Jan (AH), two near Whitesands the following day, then at Marloes Mere three birds were found on or around the  18th Jan &  reported almost daily until 12th May when another bird joined them. The four were last reported on 9th June when the number reduced to one although at some period they had spent a few days in Ireland. A single bird was then reported until the end of the year although presumed as the bird seen on Skokholm on 8th July.  The two that were seen at the Dowrog from 22nd Jan roosted on St.David’s Airfield & were last seen on 31st of the same month. One was at Walwyn’s Castle 28th – 31st Jan (D & L Bowen, P. Lewis).

In the South of the county 23 birds were in the Carew Cheriton area & toured various sites between 28th Jan & 14th Feb (only four) with smaller numbers seen at other sites that were presumably part of that flock.

see Glossy Ibis – 2012 for more details of this large influx

2013 – A single bird was present from 2012 at Marloes Mere until 20th Aug. (DG et al). Another single was reported from St.Florence on 10th Dec (RC).  

2015 – A single bird photographed in flight at the Teifi Marshes on 29th Dec was the only record (GR).

2016 – A single bird from 18th to 20th Aug at Pembroke Castle Millpond was the only record (R. Kellett et al). 

2020 – A group of seven at the Gann 10 Sept, with two remaining the following day (DJA et al) and one over Pencaran Campsite, St. Davids on 21 Sept (J & M B).

Source: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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