Great Grey Shrike – Records

Lanius excubitorCigydd MawrScarce winter visitor and passage migrant. Not recorded from June to September

Previous records are summarised in Great Grey Shrike – 1994

1993 – One at West Williamston 28 Nov

1994 – One in Lawrenny/Deal’s Cross area 2 Jan (JWD, GHB)

1996  – One Kilgetty, 27 March (RE)

1997 – One Moylegrove 8 Feb

1998 – One Slebech Park c12 Dec (WC)

1999 – One Blackpool Mill 9-11 Jan (JB, TJP)

2002 – One Skomer 10 Oct (DC).

2004 – One was present St Davids Head 31 Oct (MYP et al).  This may have been the same bird which was at St Davids airfield 12-19 Nov (BD et al)

2008 – One turned up and was seen by a few lucky people at Llys-y-fran  Reservoir 22-24 Jan.  It then relocated to Ty Rhyg where it was seen and enjoyed my many, 10 Feb until 22 April (MYP et al) Photo above.

2009 –  A rare winter visitor. One at Ty Rhyg from 13th – 21st Mar at least. A grey shrike on Ramsey on 4th June could have been Great Grey, Lesser or Steppe Grey but was never specifically identified.

2010 – Singles Pen Anglas 16th-17th Oct, Ty Rhyg 23rd Oct & 14th Nov, Llys y fran Res 24th Oct and a long staying individual at the Teifi Marshes 18th Jan – 9th Apr.

2011 – Two wintering individuals were located, the returning Ty Rhyg bird, 3rd – 26th March, returning again 26th Oct – 28th Dec and a second bird in Pantmaenog Forest from 4th Mar, returning there 22nd Oct until the end of the year.

2012 – A single Ty Rhyg from 2nd Jan – 11th Apr and a different bird was located at Pantmaenog from 21st Mar until April and again on 27th Oct- 2nd Dec.

2013 – The only record was of a single at Pencarnan, St. Davids from 16th-22nd Nov

2015 – One at the Gann on 17th Oct was the only record received.

2018 – Singles at Pantmaenog 9 Feb, Plumstone Mountain on 16 March and 2 Nov also Myndd Craig Iwydd on 28 Oct.

2019 – A single wintering bird at Plumstone Mountain, present 22 Feb – 8 April, presumably the same returning bird there 23 Dec until the end of the year. Another bird seen Puncheston 22 Jan & 6 – 7 April.

2020 – The only mainland record received was of one at Plumstone Mountain 5 – 26 Mar. Otherwise one on Skomer 7 Nov, 4th island record.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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