Green Woodpecker – records since 2000

Picus viridis – CNOCELL WERDD – No longer a breeding bird, only rare sightings.

2000 – Fewer records than in previous years, reported only from Bosherston, Treffgarne, Wiseman’s Bridge, Gelly, Kilgetty and Amroth, possible breeding at 2 sites. Single Skomer 23 Aug was the 16th island record, last in 1991.

2001 – 2 pairs nested Stackpole and probably Gelly, 1 pair noted Castle Martin. Singles Narberth Woods 8 Feb and Kilgetty 21 July were the only other records received.

2002 – No breeding records received but in breeding season noted at Llanmill, Ritec, Narberth and Barafundle. Outside breeding period reported from Wiseman’s Bridge, Mere Valley, Colby Lodge and Milford Golf Course.

2003 – No breeding records received but recorded during this season at Narbeth Castle, Wiseman’s Bdge, St Ismaels, Llanmill where 2 juvs were seen during July. Outside this period noted at Lampeter Velfry, Gelly, Llawhaden, Colby and Bosherston. Single Ramsey 10 May.

2004 – 2 Crinow killed by a cat Feb-Mar, singles Llanfalteg West 28 Mar, Narbeth during Apr, Penally 23 Apr, Range west on 22 and27 Apr, Sle ech 25 Apr, Range east 1 July and Hilton Woods 4 June and 25 Oct.

2005 – Singles Waterwynch 23 Jan, Stackpole 6 Mar, St Florance 29 Mar and 6 Apr, Tenby 10 Apr, Trecwn 1 May, Bosherston 20 and 26 Feb, 19 and 20 Mar, 2 males here 27 Mar, Ramsey 29 June, Wolfs Castle 5 Oct, Stack Rocks 4 Dec

2006 – Seems to be becoming scarcer only reported from Stackpole Warren , Bosherston , Gelly and Orielton . No breeding records received.

2007 – Only reported at 5 sites across the county. Seen at: Barafundle on 2h Jan., Lampeter Vale on 3 May, Waundwrgi on 3 May and at Bosherston on 14 Oct. One or two birds noted at Stackpole between February-June and 1 Nov. A nest found but no fledged young were seen.

See also 2003-07 breeding map

2008 – Singles at: Telpyn on 31 Jan., at Saundersfoot on 31 Mar, at Bosherston on 4 July, at Castlemartin on 27th July, at East Blockhouse on Oct, two young at Broadhaven S on 9 July and three at Stackpole Warren on 30 June.

2009 – Only reported from four locations, Monk Haven on 13th Jan, Angle and Stack Rocks on 21st Mar and Bosherston on 13th Apr and 16th May

2010 – All records received were: singles at Bosherston on 16th Jan, 23rd Jan, 12th Feb & 15th Mar, at Stackpole Quay on 14th Mar, at Orielton on 12th Apr, Stackpole Warren on 13th Apr and at Axton Hill on 23rd Apr and two at Slebech on 15th Nov.

2011 – One Hayston near Johnston on 7th Feb (BS) was the only record received

2012 – The only record was of one reported on the blog at Spittal on 16th Feb

2013 – The only records submitted were of singles at Dale on 13th Apr and on Brynberian Moor on 25th May

2014 – Just three records received, of singles at Pencarnan Camp on 3rd Sept, at St. Davids Head on 25th Sept and at Llandilo on 28th Nov.

2015 – Singles Lydstep Haven on 24th Apr and Tycanol on 1st Oct which was reported to have been there for a fortnight.

2016 – Single Teifi Marshes on 31st Jan, Tycanol Wood between 20th March and 5th April, and Manor House Park on 29th July.

2017 – Single at Abercych on 2nd Aug was the only report.

2018 – A single at Llys y fran Res on 6th Feb. At Llanteg an adult & juv on 7th Aug and an adult again on 16th Aug.

2020 – Two records received: one Hook 17 Oct and another at Moylegrove 29 Nov

2021 – All records were: Fern Hill 16 Jan, two Bosherston 1 Mar, singles Pentre Ifan 25 May, Lydstep Village 13 July, Haverfordwest 15 Sept, Carew Castle 6 Oct and Lawrenny 30 Dec.

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