Icterine Warbler – Records

Hippolais icterinaTelor AurScarce passage migrant

1955 – A first year bird on 31st August 1955 was the first for Wales (Birds of Skokholm)

Other records are summarised in Icterine Warbler 1994

1990 – Singles Skokholm 13 June & 29-30 Aug (MB)

1991 – One Skomer on 24 & 25 Aug (SJS).

1992 – Singles Skomer 20 May and 25 Sept (SJS et al)

1993 – One Skomer 6-12 Sept (DV et al)

1995 – Singles Skokholm 19-20 Oct and 31 Oct- 1 Nov, the latter the latest recorded date for Pembs

1996 – One Skokholm 20 July

1997 – Singles Skomer 30 May, 17, 18-19 and 24 August, and 17 Sept (SS et al).  Singles Skokholm 11 Sept, 15-18 Sept and 28th Sept (GT et al) and St Ann’s Head 6 Sept (DJA et al).  A total of 9 individuals.

2002 – One Skomer 24 Aug (JP et al)

2003 – Skokholm – A very obliging first-winter bird was present in the wall garden for three days 29-31 Aug (GT)

2010 – A single on Skomer 31st Aug – 2nd Sept (DB). 

2014 – Singles on 2nd Sept Skomer (JWM, LPL) and on Skokholm (BD et al), both on 2nd Sept.

2014 – A juvenile found at the Well and later trapped on 2nd September was the first Skokholm record for over a decade (BD et al.). All 26 previous records have been of singles with the exception of two on 3rd September 1996. Spring records have fallen between 14th May and 28th June and in autumn, with the exception of one on 20th July, between 21st August and 1st November (Skokholm Bird Report 2014)

2016 – two on Skomer:

2016 – Skomer produced two of these hefty Hippolais warblers this year, both in the autumn. The first was found at the farm in the morning on 29th August (JWM), where it remained only for one day. Another was discovered in North Valley willows late in the evening on 6th September (EMS). This bird lingered right through to 19th, relocating to the North Valley Crossing. (Skomer Wildlife Report 2016)

2020 – One trapped on Skomer 9 May

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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