Little Bunting – records

Emberiza pusillaBras LleiafVagrant

Earlier records summarised in Little Bunting 1994

1999 – 1 Skomer, 7 May, CBr et al)

2001 – Skomer: one on 13 May (DB) (accepted by WRP 2013), one on 29 September (DPB, JGB)

Skomer report 2001 – One alighted briefly on bramble in North Valley on 13 May before flying off over St Bride’s Bay. More obliging was the bird that fed at Moory Mere on 29 September, at times accompanied by of its larger cousins.

2001 – One Skokholm 11 Oct (GT).

Skokholm report 2001 – One on 11 October allowed close viewing and photography as it foraged on the edge of the pool in the Well Exclosure and subsequently on the wall of the Cottage Garden.

2006 – One was discovered with Reed Buntings Skomer 14 Oct (JGB).

2016 – A single St Ann’s Head on 16th April, photo above (c) David Astins (DJA, JP).

2020 – One trapped on Skokholm 29 Sept (RD et al), photo below, and one at Abereiddy 14 & 15 Dec (M&C YP et al).

Source: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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