Nightingale – records

Luscinia megarhynchosEosScarce visitor

Earlier records are summarised in Nightingale 1994

1992 – singles Strumble Head 14 May and Skokholm 27 May

1993 – One Skokholm 10 May

1995 Singles Skokholm 16 April (4 days earlier than previously recorded in Pembs), Goodwick Moor 4 May, and Skomer 14 June

1999 – One Skomer 30 April (JWD) (not submitted to WBRP)

2000 – Single Ramsey 2 Aug (RH). (not submitted to WBRP)

2002 – A Nightingale sang at Skokholm on 2 June (GT), despite St David having reputedly banned them from doing so in this region.

2004 – An elusive bird North Valley bottom, Skomer 12 May (JGB)

2015 – The only record of this scarce migrant was of one trapped on Skokholm on 27th April (RDB).

2016 – A single on Skomer 13 May.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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