Yellow-browed Warbler – 2016 Skokholm

Phylloscopus inornatus – Telor AelfelynRare autumn visitor

One around the Farm on 5th October made its way into the Wheelhouse Heligoland and was ringed (OP et al.). An unringed bird at the Well four days later was trapped in the Stream Net, fortunately so as it showed that a bird at the Wheelhouse on the 10th was a third individual. The Wheelhouse bird was ringed and retrapped the following day when it was found to have increased in weight from 5.8 to 6.4g. A single was again logged on the 12th, probably the bird which first arrived on the 10th. The fourth of the autumn around the Cottage on 29th October made its way into the Library Net, the added ring again showing it to be different to the unringed bird which appeared the following day; this single on 30th October becomes the latest Island sighting.

Five birds in an autumn is a new record, up on the four of 2015 and 2013; it takes the Skokholm total to approximately 32 birds, although recent ringing has shown that records on consecutive dates assumed in the past to be the same individual may have actually been more than one bird.

Skokholm Annual Report 2016

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