American Golden Plover – Records

Pluvialis dominica –  Corgwtiad AurAmerican vagrant.  

Previous record in American Golden Plover 1994

2016 – One at Angle Bay 29th April 2016.

“The American Golden Plover, which is still in winter plumage, was feeding and roosting on the spit in Angle Harbour from at least 13:00 to 13:45, and was sat about halfway along the spit on the seaward side with it’s head under its wing when I left it”.  Posted by Clive H on the sightings blog.

The bird was seen and photographed by a number of people, and was still there at 17:00

2017 – Adult Gann 27 – 30 May (DG et al) and a juv. there 6 – 15 October (DG et al). (Top photo) Bird Report 2017.  includes a photo of each of the birds.

2019 – Adult on Skokholm 25 – 28 May (G. Eagle et al).

2020 – Two records, the first an adult at the Gann 4 May (DJA et al). The other a 1CY photographed at Abercastle 11 Oct (S. Jones).

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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