Caspian Gull – records

Larus cachinnansGwylan CaspiaVagrant

Photo – Caspian gull (right) with a herring gull at the Gann, November 2020. (c) Dave Astins

Resident in much of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. It also seasonally breeds from the Black Sea, across the north of the Caspian Sea to eastern Kazakhstan, and on the central Asian steppes. Wintering grounds include the coast of south-west Asia (breeders from the steppes), the north-west coast of Africa, and around the Arabian Peninsula up to north-west India. (Scarce and Rare Birds in Wales, 2020)

2017 – A colour-ringed individual first seen at Llanrhydstud, Ceredigion in March was also seen at Nevern Est on 12th July (SB et al). This represents the first county record and only the fourth for Wales.

This second-calendar-year bird (when seen in Wales) had been ringed at Brandenburg, Germany, on 6 June 2016

2020 – Two adult individuals reported at the Gann, firstly adult 11 & 23 Nov (DJA), the second county record and then the yellow ringed German bird X290 20 – 22 Nov (DJA, LM et al) – this individual had previously been seen at Nevern Est in July 2017 and before that at Llanrhystud, Ceredigion in March of that year. (photo below (c) Dave Astins)

Source – Pembrokeshire Bird Report