Crane – records

Grus grusGaran (Cyffredin)Rare visitor

1994 – Trehill Farm/Marloes Mere 20-22 October (GHR, JWD et al)

1999 – two at Crug-las Farm, near St Davids 15-31 Dec (JWD et al)

2001 – one, Jordanston, near Mathry, 4-6 Jan (JWD et al)

2010 – An immature bird was first located around Castlemartin Corse on 9th Nov remained in that area until the 21st. The same bird was subsequently seen flying east in Glamorgan and also in Gwent (per CH).

2017 – One was photographed in fields near Goodwick on 13 & 14 Feb while three were observed flying over Skokholm & Skomer on 25 Mar (GE, RB). They were also reported over Ceredigion later that day and over Anglesey the next day. Quite possibly they were the same birds that were seen in Cleveland and East Yorkshire a few days later.

Source – Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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