Greenish Warbler – Records

Phylloscopus trochiloidesTelor GwyrddVagrant

Records prior to 1992 summarised in Greenish Warbler – 1994

1996 – Skomer, 27th June (T.P.Drew, J.Hayden, L.Smith et al.)

1997 – Skokholm, 23rd June (G.V.F.Thompson et al.)

2003 – Skokholm, 4th-5th June (G.Morgan et al.) European and west Siberian race P. t. viridanus.

2012 – Very rare autumn visitor. One on Skomer on 8th Sept. (DB).

2013 – The only accepted record was of one on Skokholm on 18th June (GE, RB), the sixth record for the island.

One trapped in the Wheelhouse Heligoland on 18th June was the first since 5th June 2003 and the sixth Skokholm record (GE, RDB et al.). Upon release it showed well as it fed in the Courtyard but it was not seen the following day. The previous Skokholm records were on 31st August 1960, the 30th and 31st August 1961, 31st August 1976, 23rd June 1997 and the 4th and 5th June 2003. Skokholm Annual Report 2013

2014 – Single Skomer on 7th June (EMS). Tenth record for the county, three have previously been recorded on Skomer and six on Skokholm.

2015 – Singles on Skomer on 12th June and 23rd July (EMS). 5th & 6th island records.

2017 – A single at Martins Haven, Deer Park on 25th Sept (DJA, BS). Accepted by WRP as the first mainland record in Pembrokeshire.

2019 – One on Skokholm 31 May (R. Brown).

2020 – One trapped on Skokholm 23 June (RDB et al),

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