Pectoral Sandpiper – records

Calidris melanotosPibydd CainScarce passage migrant

Earlier records are summarised in Pectoral Sandpiper 1994

1994 – A juv visited North Pond, Skokholm, 22 Aug (MB et al). (Skokholm daily log states 23 Aug)

1998 – Single Esso 3 Oct (JWD)

2001 – 30 Sept, Sprinkle Pill (PG) (record from Scarce and Rare Birds in Wales)

2003 – Juvenile, North Pond, Skomer 19 Sept (DH). Part of a large influx into the British Isles.

2005 – Single. Bosherston Pools 25 — 28 Aug (SHL et al)

2009 – In spring an adult was found at Llangloffan Fen 6-7 June (RD, AR) and in autumn a juvenile on Dale Airfield 10 to 12 Sept (PKG).

2010 – A juvenile was photographed at Castlemartin Range on 4th Sept (PH).

2011 – The only accepted record was of two on Skokholm, 13th – 14th May, with one remaining on the 15th (JGilham).

2012 – Three different individuals on Skokholm in the autumn, during the period 16th Sept – 21st (one may have been present since August) (MYP, M. Hipkin).

2013 – One was at Skokholm on 15th May (J. Moore).

A bird seen to the north of North Pond for just ten minutes on the evening of 15th May sees this species make the systematic list for a third year running (JM). Skokholm Annual Report 2013

2017 –  One on Skokholm on 30th Aug (RL, RB et al).  

A pristine juvenile on North Pond for much of 30th August was the first since a single at the same site on 15th May 2013 (RL, RDB, et al.). Skokholm Annual Report 2017

2020 – Singles on Skokholm on 31 May (GE, RDB et al) and 15 Sept (RDB, GE, RD et al).

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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