Purple Heron – records

Ardea purpureaCrëyr PorfforRare visitor

Four earlier records are mentioned in Purple Heron – 1994

2001 – One Skomer 22 March (JGB)

Additional note from the Skomer Bird Report 2001 – The first for the island made landfall in North Valley on 22 March, sinking into the iris bed before moving to Well Pond to refuel. The bird was in breeding splendour, and the brightness of the plumage indicates that it was probably an adult male.

2006 – Single Knapp’s Farm, Martletwy, 12 April – 12 May (MS et al)

2006 – Single Orielton 24 – 26 Apr (CH)

2006 – Single Bosherston 29 April (DE, EE).

Additional note from Welsh Birds, vol 5.2 (2007) – 2006 records One would have expected that all three records in one area of Pembrokeshire would relate to the same bird, except that there are overlapping dates

2010 – A single at Llan Mill near Narberth from 22nd March was last reported on the 27th of the same month (A. Hart). 

2012 – An adult was seen at Treleddyd Fawr near St.Davids on 27th March (MYP).

2013 – Only one accepted record of one at Penally/Ritec area 3rd & 4th June (A.Collens).

2014 – A single flyover bird at Skokholm on 8th June was the first record for the island & only the 12th County record (WJ, RD, RB).

2017 – A single adult at Bosherston on 6th May (PKG, BS).

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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