Teal – ringing

Anas crecca – CORHWYADEN – Common winter visitor, passage migrant and scarce breeder

Stories about birds carrying rings or other colour marks

Teal with nasal saddle 3Q3 seen at Landshipping Quay on 25 December 2017

(from David Rodrigues) the teal was marked in Portugal at São Jacinto DunesNature Reserve (40º41’N 08º44’W.) This reserve is about 1,300 km from Landshipping. It was ringed/marked as a young male on 20th January 2015 and has only been re-sighted locally there during the same day. “Unlike other teal it has never returned but was re-sighted in Holland (Haukesloot, 52º56’N 05º26’E, at about 1,730km from S. Jacinto), on 17th March 2016”. Other birds marked in Portugal have been recorded as far east as Russia.

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