Yellow-rumped Warbler – 2017 Skokholm

Dendroica coronataTelor TinfelenVagrant

A stunning first-summer male Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) singing in the Courtyard on the morning of a glorious 18th June was subsequently trapped and ringed (GE, RDB, et al.). This was the first for Skokholm, the 22nd for Britain and the second for Wales and Pembrokeshire following a first-winter bird present on Ramsey Island between 31st October and 4th November 1994

This was only the fifth British spring record. Whereas the last North American passerine to occur in June, the Swainson’s Thrush of 2015, arrived on the back of a deep area of low pressure which tracked quickly across the Atlantic, the arrival of our latest ‘yank’ was harder to explain, although a low had crossed a week earlier. The most notable weather event of the year had a more easterly origin, indeed Ex-hurricane Ophelia had proven the easternmost major Atlantic hurricane of the satellite era.

Skokholm Annual Report 2017

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