Buff-breasted Sandpiper – Records

Tryngites subruficollisPibydd BronllwydRare visitor

Earlier records are summarised in Buff-breasted Sandpiper 1994

1994 – Juv Dale Airfield 4-13 Sept (GHR, DJA et al)

1996 – A typically confiding juv Dale Airfield 6-21 Sept (KJSD et al)

1997 – One at Ramsey Pembroke on Sept. 23rd. (Welsh Bird Report 1997)

2000 – One, Castlemartin Ranges 23 Sept (PRH et al).

2005 – One, Linney Head, Castlemartin 3 Sept (RE, PRH).

2006 – 2 juv. Skokholm, 6 Sept, (Originally recorded as two ruff in the Pembrokeshire Bird Report, however, they were re-identified from photographs as buff-breasted sandpipers and accepted by WRP. Source Skokholm daily log on Birdtrack)

2010 – A juvenile on Dale Airfield on 2nd – 3rd Oct (DJA). 

2011 – As in other places in the SW of the UK, an influx in September, two at Stackpole 21st (DJ Killick), three at Dale Airfield 23rd – 24th (K. Meatyard et al) and two nearby at Kete 28th – 30th (BS et al).

2016 – A juv on Dale Airfield 10th Sept (DJA, JWM).

2018 – Three Dale Airfield 22nd – 25th Sept (IS et al) and one on Skokholm 27th Sept (RB et al).

Source: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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