Buff-breasted Sandpiper – Records

Tryngites subruficollisPibydd BronllwydRare visitor

Earlier records are summarised in Buff-breasted Sandpiper 1994

1994 – Juv Dale Airfield 4-13 Sept (GHR, DJA et al)

1996 – A typically confiding juv Dale Airfield 6-21 Sept (KJSD et al)

1997 – One at Ramsey Pembroke on Sept. 23rd. (Welsh Bird Report 1997)

2000 – One, Castlemartin Ranges 23 Sept (PRH et al).

2005 – One, Linney Head, Castlemartin 3 Sept (RE, PRH).

2006 – 2 juv. Skokholm, 6 Sept, (Originally recorded as two ruff in the Pembrokeshire Bird Report, however, they were re-identified from photographs as buff-breasted sandpipers and accepted by WRP. Source Skokholm daily log on Birdtrack)

2010 – A juvenile on Dale Airfield on 2nd – 3rd Oct (DJA). 

2011 – As in other places in the SW of the UK, an influx in September, two at Stackpole 21st (DJ Killick), three at Dale Airfield 23rd – 24th (K. Meatyard et al) and two nearby at Kete 28th – 30th (BS et al).

2016 – A juv on Dale Airfield 10th Sept (DJA, JWM).

2018 – Three Dale Airfield 22nd – 25th Sept (IS et al) and one on Skokholm 27th Sept (RB et al).

2020 – One at St. Govan’s 5 Sept (M. Januszcyk) with two presumably different individuals there on 18 – 20 Sept (A. Polkey et al), two at Marloes Mere 12 Sept onwards (A. Downing et al), with one remaining until 21 Sept, presumably one of these two was also seen at the Gann 16th (DJA).

Source: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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