Hawfinch – records

Coccothraustes coccothraustes – GYLFINBRAFF – rare visitor. Not recorded in February and March

Photo above (c) Richard Brown – one of four hawfinches on Skokholm in 2017. This doubled the number of hawfinches that had ever been recorded on the island.

Earlier records summarised in Hawfinch 1994

1993 – one in an Eglwyswrw garden 12 Nov (MS)

1994 – Two records of this elusive bird: singles Teifi Marshes 13 June and on the coastal path at Carregwasted 7 Sept

1996 – One Haverfordwest 7 Oct (HGE)

1997 – One Porthclais 18 Oct (DJA, RWW et al)

1998 – 2 Skomer 14 June (SS et al)

2005 – Two records: A male Pembroke 19 Oct (PKG) and one Skomer 26 Oct (JGB), this being the fourth island record

2008 – Single St Nicholas on 19 Nov (G.McM) was the only record.

2012 – One on Skomer on 24 April (DB).

2013 – A female in the farmhouse garden, Ramsey on 12 April was a new bird for the island.

2017 – A series of autumn records, part of an exceptional influx into the UK.

  • One at Skomer on 14th October;
  • One at St. Brides on 15th October;
  • Four on Skokholm between 15th October and 7th November
  • One at Redberth on 18th October;
  • 10 at Porthclais on 30th October;
  • A male at Sealyham on 3rd November.

Skokholm: The easterly airflow brought about by Storm Ophelia transported remarkable numbers of Hawfinch into Britain and produced an unprecedented sequence of records on Skokholm. The first was a female found late on the evening of 15th October at the Well; it was still present the following morning (RDB, GE). A first-winter female in Crab Bay on 23rd October later moved to the Cottage Garden where it was trapped and ringed (RDB, GE). A third bird briefly alighted in the Courtyard on 31st October (GE, RDB) and the last of the year headed east over Crab Bay and South Haven on 7th November (GE). Skokholm Annual Report 2017

2018 – One was photographed feeding in a garden near Lodge Park Stackpole on 9th July 2018.

2020 – A female photographed at St. Nicholas on 18 Apr was the only record.

Source: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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