Little Ringed Plover – records

Charadrius dubius – CWTIAD TORCHOG BACH – Rare visitor

1949 – Gann Estuary, Dale 16 May – first record Pembrokeshire and for S Wales

Fifteen earlier records summarised in Little Ringed Plover – 1994 

1993 – Singles Teifi Marshes 30 March and Gann 24 April

1995 – Singles Skomer 11 May and Gann 18 July (TJP).  Two birds recorded on the cleddau in June may have attempted to breed (DK); unfortunately on a tidal stretch.  Taking into account what has happened in the neighbouring county of Carmarthenshire, this may be a forerunner of things to come.

1996 – One Nevern Est 10-11 May (CB)

1997 – One Penally 11-12 April (DG)

1999 – One Pembroke M P 18 May (JH)

2001 – One, North Pond, Skokholm 12 – 19 May; fourth Skokholm record  (GT)

2002 – One, Moory Mere, Skomer 7 May (JGB).

2005 – Single, Broad Haven (S) 3 May (MS)

2007 – An adult at Newgale on 26 April (PKG et al), a juvenile at the Gann on 2 August (RD et al)

2010 – The only record involved a juvenile at the Nevern Estuary on 3rd Sept (JA, KM et al).

2011 – The only records were one on North Pond Skomer on 8th April and juveniles, at Marloes Mere on 14th Aug and at Whitesands Beach on 2nd Sept

2012 – The only record of the year was of one on Skokholm on 27th March

2013 – All records of single birds on spring passage: at West Angle on 23rd March, at Nevern Estuary on 26th March, at Marloes Mere on 3rd April, at The Gann on 5th April (photo at top), and another there on 30th April and on Skokholm on 19th April, 2nd May and 5th May

An unprecedented three records in one spring all came from North Pond. The first of the year was on 19th April (RDB, GE), with further birds on 2 May (GE, RDB) and 5 May (RDB). There have now been birds in three consecutive years, although still fewer than ten records. Skokholm Annual Report 2013

2014 – The only record this year involved two birds at Marloes Mere on 5th Sept

2015 – The only sighting involved a single bird at the Teifi Est. on 10th April

2016 – Singles on Skomer 10th April, a juv. at the Gann 5th Aug, one on Skokholm 21st – 22nd Aug

2018 – All records were of singles at: Panteg 2 – 3 April, Webley 18 April  and Skokholm 26 June

2019 – Only records were of two at Newport 11 April, singles on Skokholm 17 April, Ramsey 21 April and at Gann 7 June.

2020 – All records were: a single at Carew Millpond 31 Mar – 1 Apr and two at Kete, St. Ann’s Head 23 Apr, two Llanstadwell 20 Apr and one on Skomer 15 May (9th island record).

2021 – Singles at: on Skokholm 11 – 12 & 28 Apr; and at the Nevern Estuary 3 – 4

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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