Melodious Warbler – records

Hippolais polyglota – ELOR PER – Scarce but near annual passage migrant

Earlier records are summarised in Melodious Warbler 1994

1993 – Singles Skomer 20 May and 17 Sept (GJW)

1994 – Singles at Skokholm 7 ad 30 Aug (MB, GJW et al) and Skomer 11 Sept (PG et al)

1995 – One Skokholm – 5-6 Sept (MB et al)

1996 – Singles Skokholm 8-11 and 17 Aug

1998 – One Strumble Head 4-5 Oct (SB)

2000 – Singles Strumble Hd 7-8 Aug (SB et al) and Skomer 25 Sept-6 Oct (MJP et al).

2002 – One Skokholm 30/31 May (GT)

2005 – Two records Skomer, 15 Aug and 30 Aug were the island’s eighth and ninth records (JGB).

2006 – One record, Skomer 29 Aug (JGB).

2008 -One was caught and ringed on Caldey on 16 Sept (SS) and another was seen on Skomer on 21 Sept (D.Boyle)

2011 – Singles Skokholm 31st July- 1st Aug (M. Betts), 19th – 20th Aug (JGil, SS); and Martin’s Haven 8th-14th Aug (O. Leysham et al).

2012 – Three individuals recorded on Skokholm, 2nd – 3rd Sept. (SS), 15th-17th Sept (MYP) and 7th Oct (LY).

2014 – Three individuals recorded this year, all on Skomer on 3rd Sept (LPL, JWM, EMS), 26th Sept (JWM) and 2nd – 4th & 10th Oct (JWM, EMS).

2015 – Single Skokholm on 15th May (RDB).

2017 – Singles at Whitesands on 1st -2nd Sept (MYP, KYP) on Skokholm 28th Sept – 8th Oct (SWo, RB et al) and one on Skomer 17th – 18h Aug (BB, ES).

One watched as it moved between East Bog, the Pig Sty and Boundary Hill on 2nd September was assumed to be the bird trapped in the Well Heligoland on the 5th (GE, RDB et al.); this was the first since one, also at Boundary Hill, logged between 28th September and 8th October last year and only the ninth this century. Following the first for Skokholm in 1955, there were records Of up to three birds in every year to 1971 and in most years up to and including 1996, however the only sighting between 1997 and 2010 was a single logged on the 30th and 31″ May 2002. More recently there were two birds in 2011 (singles between 31″ July and 1st August and between the 19th and 20th August), three birds in 2012 (singles between the and 3’d September, the 15th and 17th September and on 6th October) and one on 15th May 2015. Skokholm report 2017

2018 – One on Skokholm 2nd & 5th Sept (GE et al)

2020 – One on Skokholm 2 Sept (B. Dykes, RDB), with another there 10 – 19 Sept (W. James et al) and one Skomer 6 – 15 Sept (E. Betteridge).

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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