Pink-footed Goose – records

Anser brachyrhynchus – GWYDD DROED BINC – Rare visitor

Previous records summarised in Pink-footed Goose – 1994

1993 – Singles Ramsey 18 May and Fishguard Harbour 19 December

1997 – 2 Hook 5-14 Jan; one Teifi Marshes 12 June.  In both cases attached to Canada Goose flocks.

1998 – One with the Canada goose flock Teifi Marshes 6-10 October

1999 – One with the Canada goose flock Teifi Marshes 10 Feb – May (JWD, JG, DJ et al.)

2000 – Presumed feral bird Teifi Marshes 5-19 Apr (JG), one W Strumble Hd 3 Nov (JWD et al).

2005 One Nevern Est 7 & 12 Oct (SB).

2006 – One Llechryd area Jan – 3 Mar (JG, LL).

2007 – The only record received was of one on Skomer 4 & 5 October (JGB, NT)

2010 – A single juvenile was at Newport on 26th & 27th Sept. (RD), while four flew east over Skomer on 1st Mar – only the 3rd record for the island.

2011 – A single bird of unknown origin was seen at Newport on 4th – 25th March.

2012 – Seven birds seen overhead near Martletwy on 8th Jan.  Four birds seen on Skomer on 29th Oct then re-located to Marloes Mere from 4th November until the end of the year

2013 – An uncommon visitor to the county with records of single birds often clouded with the unknown origin label, however the four birds that frequented Marloes Mere & Skomer from 2nd Jan until 30th March were almost certainly genuine wild birds.

2014 – A single seen in flight at the Gann on 30th March was the only record.

2015 –  A single bird at Newport on 22nd Sept was the only occurrence and most likely of doubtful origin.

2016 – A single bird frequented the Teifi from 27th June to 9th July – presumed feral.

2018 – Two on the Teifi Marshes 14th April was the only record.

2019 – Only record was of one at the Gann 20 Oct.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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