Red-backed Shrike – records

Lanius collurio – CIGYDD CEFNGOCH –Scarce passage migrant; formerly bred

Earlier records are summarised in Red-backed Shrike 1994

1993 – One Skomer 18 Oct

1994 – Singles at Skomer 24, 27 and 31 May

1995 – One Skomer 23 May

1996 – Singles Skokholm 6 June and Skomer 17 Aug

1997 – Singles St Govan’s Head 30 May; Skomer 5 June; Gann 28 Sep

1998 – Juv, Skomer 19 & 21 Sep (SS et al) (not submitted to WBRC)

2000 – Juvs Skomer 8-10 Sept and 29-30 Sept (SA, JGB, MJP et al). (not submitted to WBRC)

2002 – Female Skomer 27-29 May (SD).

2003 – Male Ramsey 30 May (SA).  In Autumn, juvs Skomer 31 Aug (JGB) and Strumble Head 23 Sept (SEB).

2004 – Two records Skomer: a male North Valley 25 May, though sadly, it didn’t wait to meet the female which frequented the same bush 6-8 June! (JGB et al)

2005 – Three records: Skomer: male 28 May (JGB), a Juv St Davids Airfield 15-27 Oct (JB et al) and an adult male Strumble Hd 18 Oct (SEB).

2006 – A female was on Skomer 6 Jun (JGB).

2009 – Two records this year, the first of a male on Ramsey on 24th May (L & GM) and an immature on Skomer on 20th – 21st Sept.

2010 – The only record was of a female at Carn ar Wig, St. David’s on 23rd May (JB).

2011 – Female on Skomer on 16th – 18th Oct (DB, CT).

2012 – A juv Wooltack Point /Martins Haven on 9th Sept (DJA, PKG).

2013 – Two accepted records, the first a female ringed on the Preseli Mountains on 2nd June (P. Jenks), the second an immature on Skokholm on 10th Sept (L. Robertson)

A first-winter on 10th September was the first since 20th October 2004 (LR et al.). There was some debate regarding the age of this bird, however dark subterminal marks to the scapulars and median coverts along with white tips to the tertials and seemingly fresh flight feathers all pointed to an advanced first-winter. Skokholm Annual Report 2013

2014 – Single female on Skomer on 8th June (JWM) and a juv. at St. Davids Head on 30th Sept – 2nd Oct (J&MB et al).

2016 – A female on Skokholm on 23rd May (RDB), a male Skomer 26th – 27th May (ES) and a juv Skokholm 23rd-24th Aug (JH, RGB). All accepted WRP. (the 27th and 28th Skokholm records)

2018 – Juveniles on Skomer 18th – 20th Sept (ES et al), St. Davids Head 9th Sept (JP) and at Dale Airfield 9th -14th Sept. (BS et al).

2019 – An adult at Broad Haven N 14 June (D. Reed) and 1CY at Skokholm 6 – 7 Sept (B. Baker et al) and at Lydstep 13 Oct (G. Hudson).

2020 – Two spring records, of a female Skomer 28 May (per Skomer blog) and a female at Martin’s Haven 21 June (F. Day et al).

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports.

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