Red-breasted Flycatcher – records

Ficedula parvaGwybedog BrongochRare visitor

Earlier records summarised in Red-breasted Flycatcher 1994

1993 – Singles Skokholm 31 Aug (DH) and 2 Sept (MB et al). Porthselau 24 Sept (JB. JRH), Strumble Hd 2 Oct (GHR) and Skomer 19-20 Oct (JP, SJS, DV), Skokholm 3 Nov (in Welsh Bird Report only)

1994 – Singles on South Bishop, 10 Oct (SW, DT) and Ramsey 31 Oct (IDB, DW et al)

1996 – Singles Skokholm 22 Sept (GT et al) and Nine Wells 21 Oct (RWW)

An adult female frequented the top of a small patch of bracken near Sugar’s Delight all day on 22nd September giving excellent views to a small group of admirers. Skokholm report 1996

1999 – Single 1st winters on Skomer 3 and 17 Oct (JGB et al)

2000 – 1st W Skomer 16 Oct (MJP). (Two Red-breasted Flycatchers at Skomer according to editorial – one on 1st, one on 16th according to archive)

2001 – Skokholm: female or 1st summer 18 May (second Spring record), 1st winter 23 Sept, and 19 Oct, female 21-26 Oct.

A female or first-summer male spent the afternoon of 18 May catching flies on Lighthouse Rocks and was seen again the following day on a wall near North Pond. It was only the second spring record of this species on Skokholm. Then first winter bird spent the morning around the observatory buildings on 23rd September, and another was harassed by a Robin as it foraged on Spy Rock on 19 October. The island was graced with the presence of a confiding adult female for six days 21-26 October, obviously finding the glut of bluebottle flies to her liking! Skokholm Report 2001

2002 – One, Skokholm 27 & 29 May (GT) ( 3rd Spring record on the Island). A first-winter Skomer 17 Sept (SD).

2003 – An adult, Porth Clais 22-23 Oct (PKG et al)

2005 – Four records: Caldey 17 Sept (SJS), Skomer 20 Sept with another 29th; and one at the GSF Arctic 3 Gas Platform, 39km WNW off St. Davids Head on Oct. 5.

2006 – A single on Skomer 14 Oct (JGB).

2008 – A first winter at Dale on 5 October (DJA)

2011 – Two records of a single female / immature on Skomer on 28 Sept and on 15 Oct (both DB).

2012 – Single Skokholm on 12 Oct (LY).

2013 – A 1st winter on Skokholm on 26 Sept (GE, RB).

A fine first-year bird was found in the Cottage garden on 26 September (GE, RDB et al.). It spent most of the day in the Courtyard of the Farm where it made frequent sallies for insects from the Elders and a furled mist net. Skokholm Annual Report 2013

2014 – On Skokholm, 1st W in September on 23rd – 26th, another 25 – 29 and finally a third on the 29th, then another on the 16th Nov (MG, GE, RDB et al). A 1st W on Skomer on 19 Sept (JWM).

2015 – Two records of single first winters, the first on Skomer 3 Oct (EMS et al), the other on Skokholm on 6 Oct, (RDB et al).

2016 – A first winter bird on Skokholm on 28 Oct

2017 – 1st W Skomer 27 Oct (ES)

2018 – 1CY bird on Skomer on 9 Oct (ES)

2019 – 1CY on Skokholm 14 Oct (RD) and another there 22 Oct (R. Brown, RD)

2020 – Two records, both of 1CY birds. The first on Skomer 21 – 23 Oct (Skomer blog). The second at Rhosson Farm, St. Davids 22 Oct (J & M Best et al)

Source – Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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