Rose-coloured Starling – records

Sturnus roseusDrudwen WridogRare visitor

Earlier records are summarised in Rose-coloured Starling 1994

1995 – Strumble Head, Pembrokeshire, juvenile, 18th-19th September (C.Benson, G.Jones, G.H.Rees).

1996 -Pembroke Dock, adult, 13th-14th January. (M. & Mrs C.Rowe).

1999 – St Davids, adult, 16th-22nd May 1999. (J.W.Donovan, S.White et al.); Strumble Head, juvenile, 29th-30th August. (S.E.Berry et al.).

2000 – Skokholm, adult, 8th-10th June (G.Thompson et al.); Strumble Head, juvenile, 10th-12th September (S.E.Berry et al.); St Davids, 20th-21st June (Mr Jones, L.Lomax, O.Roberts et al.).

2001 – Strumble Head, 17th June (M.Deans, L.Gregory, D.K.Underwood); Haverfordwest, juvenile, 16th October to 21st November. (F.Lanthorn, B.Morgan, G.H.Rees).

2002 – Sub-ad Skokholm 3 & 4 June, ad there 7, 9 & 17 June (GT), ad Skomer 11 June (predated by a Sparrowhawk) (JGB), ad Ramsey 20 June (SA), ad St David’s 20-23 Aug with 2 ads there 24 & 25 Aug (LL et al), juv Skokholm 19, 20 & 30 Sept and 1-3 Oct (GT), probably 7 or 8 individuals involved.

2003 – Two spring records: Strumble Hd 7 (AR) and Porth Clais 19-21 June (LL). In autumn, a juv on Skomer 15 Sept (JGB) was the third for the Island.

2008 – A 1st winter bird was found in a Haverfordwest garden on 26 Feb.  It remain in the same area until 1 May, by which time not only had it been seen by many observers, but it had also changed into adult plumage.

2009 – The only record received was of a juvenile in a Pembroke Dock garden 18 Nov – 2 Dec (per RD).

2010 – A single adult first seen at Treginnis & then St. Davids was present from 28th April until the 9th of May (JB, MB, BD).

2011 – A juvenile was on Skomer from 29th Sept until 2nd Nov (DB).

2012 – An adult Martin’s Haven 5 June (T. Hutton, ST), a juvenile Haverfordwest 18-21 Oct at least (Krystal Thomas).

2013 – An adult at Whitesands Bay / St. Davids Head 22nd to 26th Aug (J & MB, MYP).

2014 – A Juvenile present at Lleithyr Farm Campsite St. Davids from 19 – 26 September was the only record this year (M Thomas, et al).

2017 – Juvenile at Roch 12 – 14 Nov (RM), was probably the same that was at St. Florence 26th – 30th Nov (PV).

2018 – Juvenile moulting into adult at Roch 8 Feb, presumed same at Robeston Wathen 5 March. Adults at Whitesands 14th June (MYP), Skomer 4th June (SKP, ES), Hakin 10th June (CN), Martin’s Haven/West Hook Farm 9-10 June (CS & KS). Finally, a juv. Castlemartin 24th Oct.

2020 – Adults: at Marloes Mere 31 May (LM, DJA et al), female on Skokholm 21 June (GE et al), at Milford Haven 29 July (S. Neale) and a juv Skomer 13 Aug (O. Paget). Additional records for which no descriptions were received: Rose-coloured Starling – adults on Skomer 28 May and at Berea, St. Davids 4 July, juv. Kete, St. Ann’s Head 29 Sept.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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