Rose-coloured Starling – records

Sturnus roseusDrudwen WridogRare visitor

Earlier records are summarised in Rose-coloured Starling 1994

1995 – Strumble Head, Pembrokeshire, juvenile, 18th-19th September (C.Benson, G.Jones, G.H.Rees).

1996 -Pembroke Dock, adult, 13th-14th January. (M. & Mrs C.Rowe).

1999 – St Davids, adult, 16th-22nd May 1999. (J.W.Donovan, S.White et al.); Strumble Head, juvenile, 29th-30th August. (S.E.Berry et al.).

2000 – Skokholm, adult, 8th-10th June (G.Thompson et al.); Strumble Head, juvenile, 10th-12th September (S.E.Berry et al.); St Davids, 20th-21st June (Mr Jones, L.Lomax, O.Roberts et al.).

2001 – Strumble Head, 17th June (M.Deans, L.Gregory, D.K.Underwood); Haverfordwest, juvenile, 16th October to 21st November. (F.Lanthorn, B.Morgan, G.H.Rees).

2002 – Sub-ad Skokholm 3 & 4 June, ad there 7, 9 & 17 June (GT), ad Skomer 11 June (predated by a Sparrowhawk) (JGB), ad Ramsey 20 June (SA), ad St David’s 20-23 Aug with 2 ads there 24 & 25 Aug (LL et al), juv Skokholm 19, 20 & 30 Sept and 1-3 Oct (GT), probably 7 or 8 individuals involved.

2003 – Two spring records: Strumble Hd 7 (AR) and Porth Clais 19-21 June (LL). In autumn, a juv on Skomer 15 Sept (JGB) was the third for the Island.

2004 – additional record from the Skokholm Blog 06/08/2021: Phil Blatcher realised that our list of previous Rosy Starling records didn’t include a juvenile present on the 6th and 9th September 2004 (many of the records were lost for that year when the warden of the time lost their laptop into the sea). Happily, Phil had a photo.

2008 – A 1st winter bird was found in a Haverfordwest garden on 26 Feb.  It remain in the same area until 1 May, by which time not only had it been seen by many observers, but it had also changed into adult plumage.

2009 – The only record received was of a juvenile in a Pembroke Dock garden 18 Nov – 2 Dec (per RD).

2010 – A single adult first seen at Treginnis & then St. Davids was present from 28th April until the 9th of May (JB, MB, BD).

2011 – A juvenile was on Skomer from 29th Sept until 2nd Nov (DB).

2012 – An adult Martin’s Haven 5 June (T. Hutton, ST), a juvenile Haverfordwest 18-21 Oct at least (Krystal Thomas).

2013 – An adult at Whitesands Bay / St. Davids Head 22nd to 26th Aug (J & MB, MYP).

2014 – A Juvenile present at Lleithyr Farm Campsite St. Davids from 19 – 26 September was the only record this year (M Thomas, et al).

2017 – Juvenile at Roch 12 – 14 Nov (RM), was probably the same that was at St. Florence 26th – 30th Nov (PV).

2018 – Juvenile moulting into adult at Roch 8 Feb, presumed same at Robeston Wathen 5 March. Adults at Whitesands 14th June (MYP), Skomer 4th June (SKP, ES), Hakin 10th June (CN), Martin’s Haven/West Hook Farm 9-10 June (CS & KS). Finally, a juv. Castlemartin 24th Oct.

2020 – Adults: at Marloes Mere 31 May (LM, DJA et al), female on Skokholm 21 June (GE et al), at Milford Haven 29 July (S. Neale) and a juv Skomer 13 Aug (O. Paget). Additional records for which no descriptions were received: Rose-coloured Starling – adults on Skomer 28 May and at Berea, St. Davids 4 July, juv. Kete, St. Ann’s Head 29 Sept.

2021 – Three accepted records this year: an adult at Hasguard Cross 5 – 12 June (CF), another adult on Skokholm 4 – 7 Aug (RDB), and a 1CY seen visiting a Haverfordwest garden 1 – 6 Dec (LC).

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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