Snowy Owl – 2018 first for Pembrokeshire

Bubo scandiacusTylluan yr Eiravagrant

First county record was of a female at St. Davids Head, 30th March – 6th April, then on Skomer 30th May.  Accepted by BBRC.

Account from Mike Young-Powell’s Bird Notes

March 30th, the one day Kathy and I couldn’t get out to St Davids Head, a Snowy Owl was reported by artist Alastair Proud. Nightmare! Then four days later, once more late afternoon, it turned up again. Apart from the 30th, I had been out there every day looking. And then it happened. At 8:45 on Thursday 5th April, I was walking along the track into Porthmelgan Valley. I stopped to scan the rocky outcrop to the east of me and there it was in all its splendour. A large piece of female avian magic.

Now I had a dilemma, since I had forgotten my phone, having left it charging overnight. Should I head back to the car park at Whitesands Bay immediately, maybe I could borrow a phone from the attendant, or should I try for a photo? I decided to go for a photo since I could then head on further back to Whitesands in the same direction. So I got to a comfy spot, it was the first warm, still morning of the Spring and settled to enjoy the bird. I remembered a time at Sheringham with Kevin Shepherd, having found a rarity (I forget which) when he said to take 20 minutes to enjoy it for ourselves before worrying about the world. And that is what I did. It was an amazing and never-to-be-forgotten moment in time.

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