Spoonbill – records

Platalea leucorodia – LLWYBIG – Occasional visitor

Summary of previous records in Spoonbill – 1994

2006 – 11 juveniles at Uzmaston mid-morning of 18 Sept (JT) which had gone half hour later, presumably the same birds involved at Never Estuary where 12 were seen in the afternoon of 18 Sept (SB, RL, AR), and which departed northwards at sunset. Two had been colour ringed in Holland, had previously been seen at Goldcliff, Gwent and were subsequently seen in County Mayo, Ireland, in early Oct.

2007 – A colour-ringed immature was on the Teifi Estuary 26-30 April.  In December there was a small influx, with a colour-ringed juvenile (ringed in Holland) on the Teifi Est 26-28 Dec, an adult at ‘The Point’ Angle Bay on 28 Dec, and two nearby at Bentlass on the 29th.  (Also – July, 1 Pembroke Upper Millpond JH – blog)

Teifi immature bird: – left leg, green ring with B1 in black above a metal ring.  Right leg, dark blue ring with B1 in yellow.

  • ringed as a nestling Lauwersmeer NL 08/06/2005
  • seen: Ile de Sein, Finistere F 05/10/2005
  • seen: Scilly Islands GB 07/10/2005-08/10/2005
  • seen: Scilly Islands GB 19/04/2006-11/10/2006
  • seen: Teifi Est. Wales GB 26/04/2007 – 30/04/2007 at least.
  • Therefore the bird is a 2nd summer. Details from Richard Dobbins on the sightings blog

2008 – 1st year at the Teifi Est 1-5 Jan, it then moved to the Nevern where it was present until the 16 Jan.  An adult at St Davids on 28 July, then another or possibly the same adult at the Gann from 17 – 26 Sept.

2009 – Skomer had 2 birds fly over on 23 May and 9 June and later in the year two were present on the Pembroke river on the Pennar side on 28 Dec, but only one was left by the 31st.  Otherwise records of single birds: in the Lawrenny/West Williamston area from 12-14 Jan, Marloes Mere 10 May, and Nevern Estuary from 15 Oct until 4 Nov.

2010 – An adult & a juv. were present on the Pembroke River from 10th to 17th Jan.

2012 – Single birds observed: flying over Ramsey Sound on 26th Mar (MB), another flew over West Angle on 26th Aug (DJA) and at Sandy Haven on 30th Sept (DP).

2013 – One in the Marloes / Skomer / Skokholm area 19th – 21st May, another over Skokholm on 7th Aug.

A first-summer bird circled Skokholm on 19th May before heading out towards Skomer (EW et al.); what was presumably the same bird had previously been seen in flight over Marloes Mere that morning. Another subadult bird circled on 7th August before heading out to sea in the direction of Marloes (GE et al.); this bird was not relocated locally. These were the 12th and 13th records for Skokholm. Skokholm Bird Report 2013

2014 – A single immature bird was present at Mullock from 13 Mar until 1t April. During its stay it, made fleeting visits to both Skokholm & Skomer (14 & 17 Mar).

2016 – The only record is of a bird seen in flight at Newport on 6th Aug

2017 – The only records were of five (two of which were colour-ringed, but not from Holland) that flew into the Teifi Estuary, fed, then flew upstream on 24th Sept and of singles on Skomer on 14th & 15th June and on Skokholm on 26th June.

One was seen briefly at North Pond on 26th June, although it soon departed for the north (VH, MR). This was the first Skokholm record since 14th March 2014 and only the 15th for the Island. Skokholm Annual Report 2017

2018 – Two over Skomer 19th May, one in St. Bride’s Bay 29th Sept and a single the Gann 18th – 28th Oct (also seen Dale Airfield on 28th) were the only records received.

2019 – Singles at Carew 12 Apr and Teifi Marshes 17 Apr were the only records received.

2020 – The only record was of one at Boulston 21 May

Source- the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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