Yellow-browed Warbler – records

Phylloscopus inornatus – Telor AelfelynRare autumn visitor

Earlier records are summarised in Yellow-browed Warbler 1994

1993 – Singles Porthclais 10 Oct (DJA) and Strumble Hd 29 Oct (SB) where another showing characteristics of race Humei seen 20 Nov (SB, KJJD, GHR).

1994 – A total of 6 individuals; 2 Skokholm 8 Oct with one on the 9 Oct, singles at Strumble 9 Oct (RS et al), Porthclais 29 Oct – 2 Nov (JWD et al) and Skomer 3 Nov (CB et al).

1995 – no records

1996 – One Skomer 21 Oct

1997 – One Porthclais 19 Oct (KPG)

1998 – Singles Strumble Hd 22 Oct (SB) and Porth Clais 1 —6 Nov (JRH et al).

1999 – no records

2000 – One Marloes Mere 12-13 Oct (MJP et al); one Gann 20 Oct (GJW)

2001 – Singles, Skokholm 10 Oct, Gann 10 Oct, Porth Clais 13-21 Oct, Porthsychan 13 Oct, Martin’s Haven 14 Oct, Nine Wells 19 & 20 Oct.

2002 – One, Skomer 16 Sept (4th for the Island) (JGB)

2003 – There was a mini invasion of this delightful species into the St Davids peninsula beginning with a single on 15 Oct and peaking on 17th when at least 6 were present. The last was at Merry Vale 26 Oct. Elsewhere: singles Skokholm 14th, Strumble Hd 15th Dale Fort 19th and Skomer 22 Oct.

2004 – Two records: Skomer 12 Oct, was the sixth island record (JGB). Porth Clais 20-21 Oct (KJSD et al).

2005 – A good showing. Sixteen records in Oct and Nov as follows: 2 Rhosson Fm and Whitesands Bay 3 Oct. The first Skomer 6 Oct was followed by others on 14, 15 and 16 which were considered to be different birds. One ringed Caldey 7 Oct was seen again on 19 Nov. Further records were: Dale 8 Oct, Lower Town Fishguard 10 Oct, Haverfordwest 10 Oct, Parc Y Rhos, St Davids, Porthselau and Pencarnen 22 Oct. A final new record Orielton 1-2 Nov.

2006 – none reported

2007 – was a good year for this rare autumn visitor with a total of 11 records. The first was at Porth Clais on 4th Oct., followed singles on Skomer on the 6th, on Ramsey on the 7-8th, another on Skomer on the 11th with two others there on the 14th and one at St. Bride’s on the same day. Two were seen by ringers on Caldey the 18th and Skomer’s fifth individual was seen on 29th Oct. The last of the year was at Dale the 4th Nov.

2008 – A good year the for this magic little warbler first birds were seen at Pencarnan and Strumble Head on 22 Sept, other singles at Rhosson Farm, St. Davids on 25 Sept, at Skomer on 28 Sept, 15-16 Oct and on 25 Oct, at Whitesands and St Justinians on 25 Sept.  Two at Dale Fort on 12 Oct and singles here on 13 Oct, Grassholm 13 Oct, Porthclais 15-17 Oct and finally Marloes 15 and 17-19 Oct.

2009 – The only records this year came from Skomer where singles were seen on 27th Sept and 13th & 15th Oct.

2010 – A good autumn with single birds noted in October at Ramsey on 9th, Whitesands Hotel on 10th, at Porthclais on 10th & 16th, Skomer 12th & 15th, at Strumble Head on 14th, Dale on 31st and Hayscastle on 1st Nov. Sites with multiple records were: Trefasser a single on 12th & 14th with two there on 13th Oct, two at St. David’s on 10th and singles on 14th & 17th Oct.

2011 – Singles Pwllcrochan on 20th Oct (TJP) and Skomer on 15th-16th Oct and 3rd Nov (DB, CT).

2012 – A good autumn for this species with singles at: St. Ann’s Head on 27th Sept, Fishguard on 29th Sept, then in October: Ramsey 6th, Porth Clais 7th, St. Bride’s 12th, Skomer 14th, Mullock 19th, Nine Wells on 19th & 24th, Dale 24th, St. David’s Head on 23rd & 24th (involving two separate birds), in Martin’s Haven 23rd and two on Skomer on the same date.

2013 – A winter record of one at Dinas Cross on 5th Jan.
A good autumn for this species the first recorded at Whitesands were there were three birds on 26th Sept then two there the next day. Then a single at Porth Clais on 3rd, 4th & 11th Oct, two here on the 9th. Singles at Castle Martin and Rhossan Farm St David’s on 4th Oct, Solva on 5th Oct, Dale 13th Oct, St Florence on 11th Nov and Teifi Marshes on 25th Nov. Two (possibly three) on Skokholm on 5th Oct another on 10th Oct and two on Ramsey on 13th Oct, with a single there on 15th & 23rd, all thought to be different birds.

A bird trapped in the Wheelhouse Heligoland on 5 October was the first Skokholm record since one on 6 October 2005 (RDB). The second came from a mist net at the Well two hours later (GE). With both birds around the Farm what was probably a third bird was found at the Well but the absence of a ring could not be confirmed. A very obliging unringed bird fed among the Well Irises on 10 October (GE, RDB) and what was definitely the fourth bird of the year was trapped at the Farm on the 15th (GE). Four birds is an unprecedented Skokholm year total and was no doubt the result of prolonged easterly winds. This brings the number of Skokholm records to 21, all singles except for two birds recorded on 8 October 1994 and 5 October 2013. Skokholm Annual Report 2013

2014 – Singles on Skokholm on 28th Oct, on Skomer on 11th Oct with two there on 29th Oct, one of which remained until 2nd Nov and another was present on 11th Nov.

2015 – All records were of singles unless stated. Two different individuals at Llandilo on 1st & 10th Oct, at Whitesands and trapped at Teifi Marshes on 3rd Oct, with a different bird trapped on 9th, at Porthclais on 11th Oct and at St Brides on 31st Oct. On Skokholm singles 23rd Sept, in October 10th – 11th with a different bird on 12th, two on 13th and single on 16th. On Skomer singles 16th Sept, 23rd Sept, two on 27th with one probably remaining until 30th, two on 1st Oct, then sinlges 6th, 17th and 18th.

2016 – Single winter record a single at Monk Haven from 2nd Feb-6th March. A good autumn with birds at Pencarnan Farm between 6th-11th Oct, Valero Refinery 6th Oct, Gann on 7th Oct, Ramsey on 8th – 9th Oct, Llanychaer on 7th Oct and 2nd Nov, Strumble Head on 30th Oct and Castlemartin on 23rd Oct, Castle Hill, Tenby 18th Oct, St David’s Head 30th Oct and 31st Oct these were two different birds. On Skokholm five individuals in Oct the first appearing on 5th then 9th, 10th, 29th and 30th some of these were present for more than one day. On Skomer, ten birds recorded, 21st – 22nd Sept, two 5th Oct, four on 11th, two on 11th, two on 12th, with one remaining until 14th, a new bird on 21st and another on 22nd – 23rd, with one remaining until 25th, finally one 29th – 30th.

2017Winter records of singles at Mullock Bridge on 8th Jan and at Hook on 22nd Dec. In autumn singles at Llandilo on 28th Sept, Gann & Porthclais on 5th Oct, in Haverfordwest on 7th Oct and at St. Brides 27th Oct. On Skomer a total of six individuals recorded, first on 8th – 9th Oct, two on 18th, singles 26th & 29th and 14th – 15th Nov. On Skokholm, singles in October on 5th, 9th, another on 10th – 12th and finally one 29th – 30th. Only record of more than one was of two at Porthclais on 18th Oct.

2018 – Mainland singles Pencarnan Camp & St. Davids Head and 29th Sept, St. Brides 16th & 17th Oct and two Porth Clais 19th Oct. On Skomer on 29th Sept, 16th Oct, two on 18th, one on 19th and two on 20th Oct. On Skokholm on 14th Oct with a different bird there the next day.

2019 – One at Cwm yr Eglwys 3 Feb was an unusual record, presumably had remained hidden since the previous autumn. Otherwise autumn records were of singles on Ramsey 18 Sept, Skokholm 6 Oct and a total of three individuals on Skomer, singles 15 & 19 Oct and 13 Nov. The only mainland record was from Caerfarchell 16 Oct.

2020 – At least 17 individuals reported, all records were of singles: Skokholm 18, 20 & 29 Sept, 2 & 18 Oct, Ramsey 5 & 13 Oct, at St. Brides 6 Oct with two there on 8th and singles 15 & 18 Oct, Dale Village 12 – 14 Oct, with another by Dale Fort – Castlebeach Valley on 14 Oct and another by the Gann 16 Oct, Mill Bay, St. Ann’s Head 13 Oct, Marloes Mere 14 Oct, Ty Rhyg 15 Oct and finally at Lawrenny 18 Oct.

2021 – At least 6 individuals reported, all records were of singles: Porth Clais & Skokholm 14 Oct, Haverfordwest 26 – 29 Oct, Little Haven 5 Nov, Fishguard 7 Nov and at the Gann 1 & 2 Dec.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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