Laughing Gull – records

Larus atricillaGwylan Chwerthinog

2005 – First for Pembrokeshire. Fishguard Harbour, first-winter, 4th November (P. Grennard, A. Rogers); same, Nevern Estuary, Newport, 11th, 15th, 21st November (E. A. Hunter, C. Pierpoint).

Gann Estuary, adult, 6th–11th November, 4th December (D. J. Astins, P. K. Grennard et al.); first-winter, 10th November, 4th December (R. Royle, S. J. Sutcliffe).

Pembroke Dock, second-winter, 10th November to 9th December, photo (E. A. Hunter et al.); same, Llanstadwell, Cleddau Estuary, 19th November; same, Neyland, 9th December.

Nevern Estuary, Newport, first-winter, 21st November (E. A. Hunter, per P. Bristow).

Haverfordwest, adult, 28th November to 6th December, (T. Theobald et al.).

2009 – Skomer, adult, 21st May 2009 (D. Boyle).

2019 – Skokholm on 10 and 26 June – photo above (c) Richard Brown. Eighth county record, following the six in 2005 after hurricane Wilma and one on Skomer in 2009.

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