Lesser Yellowlegs – records

Tringa flavipesMelyngoes BachRare visitor

Previous records summarised in Lesser Yellowlegs 1994

2001 – Fishguard, adult/first-winter, 13th December (M.Betts); same, Pembroke, 15th (T.Purcell, G.Thompson).

2001 – Pembroke, since 15th December (Brit. Birds 95: 495), to 17th March.

2002 – Teifi Estuary, 22nd-25th May (H.Roderick, G.Walker et al.).

2003 – Dale, juvenile, 19th October to 16th November (J.Best, S.Devonald, T.J.Price). Newgale, juvenile, 5th-6th December (P.Jenks et al.).

2003 – Dale, juvenile/first-winter, 15th February (A. M. & M. A. Taylor).

2004 – Dale 11th April (D. J. Astins); presumed same as 2003 bird above.

2013 – A juvenile was at The Gann on 4th Sept (M. Powell).

2014 – A juvenile was on Skomer on 11th and 12th Sept (LPL et al.) and then a juvenile was at Marloes Mere on 15th Sept (BS), these sightings most likely refer to the same individual.

2019 – A 1CY individual at Pembroke Castle Pond 7 – 24 Sept (S & A Lamb et al).

Source – Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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