Siberian/Steynegeri Stonechat – records

Saxicola maurus/stejnegeriClochdar y Cerrig SiberiaVery rare vagrant

Stejneger’s stonechat was generally considered a subspecies of either common stonechat (as Saxicola torquatus stejnegeri) or Siberian stonechat (as Saxicola maurus stejnegeri), but recent genetic evidence has shown that it is distinct, and so it is now accepted as a distinct species.

1986 – Siberian Stonechats subspecies maura or stejnegeri were noted at Strumble Head on 12th October 1986 (G.H. Rees et al.). 

1991 – Skokholm from 11th to 15th October (NB Donovan & Rees 1994 have this as 1990)

1992 – a female 30th Sept to 2nd October 1992 (NB date from GHR archive/Skokholm report – Donovan & Rees, 1994 have it as 20th October). (record not submitted to BBRC)

1997 – A Siberian stonechat of the S. t. maura group was at Strumble Head on 6th October (C Benson, GH Rees). Pembs Bird Report 1997

2017 – A female type bird was found in East Bog by Leighton Newman (LN) on the 2nd of November. It was then seen by LN and EMS at the Farm It was incredibly mobile and showed just well enough to get some record shots before disappearing. Skomer Bird Report 2017