Buzzard – 2007-12 winter

Buteo buteo – BWNCATH – Breeding resident

This map was produced by the West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre using data collected between November and February for the BTO Atlas 2007-11, with additional data collected in 2011-12 winter to fill gaps in coverage.

Adult Buzzards in Britain are highly sedentary and territorial, rarely moving out of their breeding territory once established. In contrast, some continental populations migrate well south for the winter. Thus the distribution of buzzards in Pembrokeshire in winter is pretty much the same as in the breeding season.

Young Buzzards, dispersing from natal sites, tend to wander the countryside in search of food and their own territories.  They often gather in autumn and winter wherever invertebrate and carrion food is plentiful. Groups of 20-30 birds in stubble or ploughed fields are not uncommon.

Impressive movements of these nomadic immature birds are occasionally noted, for example, 58 flying west over Treginnis, near St Davids, on 5 October 2005.

Ringing studies in the BTO Migration Atlas suggest that most first winter birds typically stay within 20km of their natal sites, but some do go further in their initial explorations.  An extreme example is a female nestling ringed near Lampeter (Ceredigion) in June 1977, and found in Northumberland in May 1990, while a bird tagged in Dumfries, Scotland, in 1994 turned up in Caernarfonshire a year later.  As most ringing recoveries are of dead birds, it may be worth checking any road casualties and other corpses for rings to further this knowledge locally.

The BTO Atlas 2007-11 shows no change in winter distribution across Pembrokeshire (or most of Wales) and their relative abundance here is similar to that across the rest of Wales (though it is lower in the mountains)and south-west England.

Annie Haycock (BBS & WeBS local organiser)


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