Collared Dove – 2007-12 winter

Streptopelia decaocto – TURTUR DORCHOG – Breeding resident

This map was produced by the West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre using data collected between November and February for the BTO Atlas 2007-11, with additional data collected in 2011-12 winter to fill gaps in coverage.

The Winter Atlas of 1981 – 84 concluded that winter distribution was essentially similar to that of the breeding season. Having colonised the county the Collared Dove had become largely sedentary. The winter distribution for 2007-12 is also similar to that of the breeding atlas 2003-07.

The Migration Atlas (2002) indicated that ringing results showed a greater movement during the colonisation years of 1965 – 79 than in later years, a further indication that a large degree of population stability had been achieved.

Flocks of up to 130 Collared Doves were not uncommon in wintertime Pembrokeshire up to the 1970’s, with a gathering of 200 at Porthlysgi the largest recorded. Such flocking died out with grain harvests and storage becoming less wasteful during the 1980’s. There was a later resurgence in winter flocking, with 38 at Saundersfoot in 1990, 30 at both Trefasser and Lleithyr in 1995, 60 at Roch Gate in 1997, 87 at Llanrhian in 2001, 40 at Letterston and 50 at Johnston in 2003, 57 at Mathry in 2004 and 28 at Treleidr in 2008, though what attracted these groupings seems not to have been put on record.

Graham Rees. Pembrokeshire County Bird Recorder 1981-2007

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