Cattle Egret – Records

Bubulcus ibis – CRËYR Y GWARTHEG – Rare migrant.

Earlier records are summarised in Cattle Egret 1994

1996 – One Skomer, 30 April (BP et al)

2008 was the best year to date for this species in the county, birds  were appearing all over the rest of the U.K. and Pembrokeshire seemed to be missing out until eventually:

  • one was found roosting with Little Egrets at Sandy Haven on 17th Oct. This bird remained in the same area until 30th Dec. (DJA). This was followed by:
  • Three Cattle Egrets at Pwll Deri by R. Crossen
  • One was found at West Angle on 9th Dec. but flew off, however further searching found a different bird at Hubberton which remained until 26th Dec. (both CH).
  • Another was found at Philbeach Farm, Dale on the 17th Dec. and remained in that area into 2009 (KSJD).
  • Remarkably on 22nd Dec. a report was received of 5 feeding with Cattle in a stock yard at Llanferran Farm Trefasser, these were last seen on 29th Dec. and during this period at least 3 of the birds were seen at Llanrhian Farm near Porthgain (RD).

2009 – Philbeach bird from 2008 1 – 3 Jan before flying off south-west on the latter date.  Castlemartin also had a bird on 1 Jan (CH).  Then there was the long-staying bird at Newport found on 22 Feb and remained in the area until 14 April (SB).  Finally a bird at Angle on 19 Oct (RC). 

2010 – After enjoying good numbers for the last two years 2010 produced just a single bird at Withybush Airfield from 15th Oct until 5th Nov (T. Gover). Accepted by WRP.

2014 – One on the creek at Teifi Marshes on 4th Oct (T. Evans, CHJ) spent the afternoon on both sides of the Ceredigion / Pembrokeshire border. Accepted by WRP.

2016 – A single at Newport from 10th Dec – into 2017 (K. Meatyard et al), presumed same as one at Goodwick on 15th Dec

2017 – Single birds were at Newport from December 2016 until 1st May at least (KM et al), in the Bosherston / Stackpole area on and off from 12th Mar until 8th June (per RE), at Skokholm 17th July (RB) and at Treleddyn Farm St. David’s on 8 – 10th Nov (M & JB et al).

A stunning breeding-plumaged individual roosted with gulls at North Pond on the evening of 17th July, however this first for Skokholm had already departed by the following morning (HP et al). Skokholm Annual Report 2017

2018 – One on Skokholm 9th Oct (RB et al). One at the Gann 4-5 Nov (DJA). One at the Teifi 7 – 16 Nov (WJ et al)

2019 – Singles: on the Teifi Estaury at St. Dogmaels Jan – 31 Mar (mainly on the Ceredigion side of the estuary), at the Gann 14 – 26 Oct and at Nevern 4 – 7 Dec, with four at Trefasser 17 May.

2020 – All records were: a single at Carew Millpond 21 – 22 Apr, one at Nevern Est 5 Nov. From early November a wintering group build up along the Pembroke River – Monkton – Huddleton – Quoits Mill, six on the 4th, increasing to seven on 13th and then to ten on 25 Dec.

2021 – Wintering flock at Quoits Marsh numbered up to 11 in January. This increased to 17 on 3 Feb with number slowly dropping during the month, the last record was of four on 8 Mar. Returning birds, numbering six, from 13 Nov until the end of the year increasing to nine on 3 Dec.
Elsewhere singles: at Carew Cheriton 21 May, Gann 21 – 22 May, another there 21 Oct – 18 Nov and one by the flagpoles in Fishguard Harbour on 29 Oct.

Source: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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