Common Rosefinch – records

Carpodacus erythrinusLlinos GochRare visitor

Previous records summarised in Scarlet Rosefinch 1994

1993 – Single Ramsey, 25 August (IDB)

1994 – Singles Skokholm 13 and 16 Sept (MB et al) and Strumble Head 10 Oct (GHR)

1995 – Singles Skokholm 6-9 June, 6-8 Aug and 11-12 Oct (apparently not assessed by WBRC)

1996 – Singles Skomer 17 and 25 July, 5 Sept, 23 and 26 Oct (apparently not assessed by WBRC)

1997 – Singles Strumble Head 20 & 29 May and 30 Nov (SB et al) and Skokholm 16 & 17 Sept (GT et al).

1998 – One imm/female Skomer 5-7 June (SS et al)

1999 – Singles male at Strumble Head 31 May (SB et al) and juv Skokholm 11 Sept (GT et al).

2000 – Single imm/females, Skokholm 7-8 Oct (GT), was predated by a Merlin, Skomer 19 Oct (MJP).

2001 – 3 juvs together Skokholm 11 Oct (GT). One imm/female in the bushes at Moory Mere, Skomer 15-16 Sept

2002 – 1st summer male, singing, Caerbwdi 12 June (IDB).

2003 – One imm/female Skokholm 25 May (GT), Imm male Strumble Hd 29 May (SEB et al) and one imm/female Skomer 12 June (JGB).

2004 – Three records: imm/females Strumble 30 May (SEB), Skomer 5 Sept (JGB) and Ramsey 10 Sept (SA).

2006 – A female or imm male Pen Anglas 8 Jun (SEB, AR), a red male Skomer also 8 Jun (JGB) and a Juv there 4 Nov (JGB). Male, Skomer 30 June (from Welsh Rare and Scarce Birds report for 2019)

2010 – Quite a good year for this species with 4 records all of single birds. Ramsey on 25th May (1st s male) and another on 26th Oct (GM), on Skomer on 15th Sept (DB) and a fem/imm in a St. Davids garden from 22nd until at least 28th Nov (BD).

2011 – All records were: a single immature male on Ramsey on 13th July (GM), on Skokholm from 2nd to 11th Sept. which was trapped & ringed (BH et al) and an immature / female on Skomer 29th Sept – 1st Oct (DB).

2012 – A female / immature was Skokholm on 27th – 29th Aug. trapped and ringed on 28th (SS).

2013 – A fine male frequented a garden in Trefgarne 19th – 26th May (M. Carne), and a 1st summer male was trapped on Skokholm on 8th June (RB, GE).

A singing male on 8th June was tracked down to the Cottage Garden where it eventually revealed itself to be a brown bird and was later trapped (GE, RDB et al.). Skokholm Annual Report 2013

2014 – A juvenile on Skokholm from 5th to 10th Sept was trapped and ringed during its visit to the island (RB,GE), the Teifi Ringing Group then trapped and ringed a juvenile on the Pembrokeshire part of the Teifi marshes reserve on 27th Sept (CHJ et al) & another juvenile was on Ramsey from 4th to 6th Oct (GM, LM).

2015 – Female / immatures were trapped and ringed on Skokholm on 11th June (RDB), others on Skomer on 13th & 14th June (JWM et al) and 14th Oct (JWM).

2017 – A singing immature male on Skomer on 22nd – 25th June (ES, LN, JWM).

2018 – Female / immature on Skokholm 16th – 27th Sept (RB et al).

2019 – Juvenile / female on Skokholm 23 – 25 Sept and same bird 1 Oct (S. Westerberg et al)

2021 – Three accepted records:

  • on Ramsey 5 June (per RSPB),
  • a male on Skokholm 29 May (RD, RDB)
  • an immature / female bird there 17 Sept (RDB).

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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