Sabine’s Gull – records

Xema sabini – GWYLAN SABINE – Scarce passage migrant

Summary of records since 1994

Records to 2006 are summarised and analysed in Sabine’s Gull 2006.

2007 – Participants in pelagic trips to the Celtic Deep were rewarded with views of beautiful single adults on the 26th & 31st Aug. All other records were from Strumble Head in September where: single juvs. on the 3 , 4 , 7 , 13 , 16 , 21 & 23rd. Nine were counted on the 11th, two on the 24 and three on the 25th. The only adult recorded was on the 21st

2008 – All records were from Strumble Head,  except an adult off Grassholm on 30th Aug. Off Strumble Head were: adult 16th Aug.,  adult 20 Aug., adult & juv. 25th Aug. and 2 juvs. on 27th, adult 31st Aug.  In September. adult on the 1st, juv. on the  2nd, adult on the 3rd, juv. on the 6th & 12th an adult & 2 juvs. on 13th, an adult & a juv. on 14th and an adult on the 18th. A juvenile there on 2nd Oct.

2009 – The only non-Strumble Head record was of a juvenile off St. Govan’s Head on 31st Aug. Off Strumble Head, adults: one on 20th Aug, three on the 29th and one on the 31st. In September: two on the 3rd, four on the 4th & 5th, two on the 6th and singles on the 8th & 9th. Juveniles: two on 5th Sept and one on 3rd Oct.

2010 – Only reported at Strumble Head where a total of 24 passed between 21st Aug & 23rd Sept, max 11 on 16th Sept. This year the majority of birds that passed were juveniles with single adult on 21st Aug & three adults on 16th Sept.

2011 – Another species with a record year at Strumble Head in 2011, 86 birds were recorded on 19 dates between 7th Sept & 20th Dec, max 18 on 18th Sept (the highest daily total on record). Of this total 25 were adults & 61 Juveniles. Other records received; an adult from the Fishguard – Rosslare Ferry c30 km West of Strumble Head on 9th Sept, a juv. At Newgale on 27th Sept, another on Skomer on 3rd Oct (only the 2nd island record) and a single juv in Ramsey Sound on 23rd Nov. From Ramsey Island itself a juv on 18th Sept, two on 7th Oct then three adults in winter plumage & another juv on 19th Oct.

2012 – At Strumble Head 21 birds recorded on 11 dates between 24th Aug & 16th Oct. Singles on 24th, 27th, 29th Aug & 9th, 18th Sept & 16th Oct, with two recorded on 12th,17th & 24th Sept and three on 30th Aug & 2nd Sept & the daily max of four on 11th Sept. Of the birds recorded only 8 were juveniles. Elsewhere an adult passed through Whitesands Bay on 17th Oct.

2013 – At Strumble Head only six birds recorded, singles on 28th Aug & 14th Oct with two birds recorded each day on 15th & 17th Sept. All, except for one of the birds on 15th Sept. were adults. The lowest year total since 1999 when also only six were recorded. Juv off Ramsey on 5th Nov.

2014 – Another very poor year for this species at Strumble Head with two Juveniles on 27th Aug, an adult on 29th of the same month and another two juveniles on 21st Oct being the only birds recorded. Ramsey had birds on 21st Oct & 7th Nov both juveniles. The 3rd record for Skomer was a juvenile on 19th Oct.

2015 – At Strumble Head a slight increase in records with a annual total of 10 birds recorded. In August two on 29th with singles on 22nd, 30th & 31st all Adults. In September, two adults and a juvenile on 1st then another adult on 22nd. The final record for the year was a juvenile on 7th Nov.

2016 – At Strumble Head a reasonable showing this year with 15 birds recorded, 12 ads & three juvs. Max four on 4th Sept. Juv off Skomer on 13th Sept.

2017 – A very good year at Strumble Head for this species with 52 birds recorded: 14 Adults & 38 Juveniles / 1st w. Maximum day count was of 15 on 11th Sept. The only other records were of a juvenile off Skomer on 15th & 16th Sept, two adults off Skokholm on 12th Sept, juv. on 13th, 16th & 18th and a 1st w on 21st Oct.

2018 – A total of 13 logged passing Strumble Head, all adults. In August, two on 24th & 25th, four on 27th and singles on 29th & 30th. In September, singles 11th, 14th and 21st.

2019 – Three off Skokholm 9 Oct, one off Skomer on 9 Oct and two there the following day and one was seen from a pelagic trip into Celtic Deep 19 Sept.  Total of eight logged passing Strumble Head: singles 31 Aug, 1 & 4 Sept, two 5 Sept and three 29 Sept.

2020 – A total of 13 logged passing Strumble Head 13 on 26 Aug, 11 of which were adults, one a juv and one unaged. Elsewhere juveniles off Skomer 26 Aug, an adult off Skokholm 30 Aug and a juv. off Whitesands Bay 2 Nov

Further analysis of the data in the Pembrokeshire Bird Report 2019.

Source: Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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