White-fronted Goose – records

Anser albifrons – GWYDD DALCEN-WEN – Scarce winter visitor and passage migrant.

Earlier records are summarised in White-fronted Goose 2008

YearGreenland raceEurasian raceRace not specified
2009Four flew past Strumble Head on 2nd Nov (AR One With Canada Geese flew over Skomer at midday on 30″ Oct
201016 birds (13 Ad & 3 juv) were reported from various sites in the Marloes area from 31st Jan until 17th Apr. They were also seen on Skomer on 6th & 7th Mar & 8th Apr.In October two were at Newgale on 20thTwo were seen at St Justinians on 5th May
2011  A single was seen in the company of two Greylags at Slebech Park on 9th Apr
2012A single at Penberi from 1st Jan until the 13th then two at St. Davids Airfield from 5th to 10th April, these two plus another bird were probably the three seen at Ivor’s pond from 15th to 17th of same month. In November four were at Marloes Mere from 2nd until 10th  
2014 A single bird in flight over Skokholm on 18th May and probably the same bird at Marloes the next day until 21st May. 
201515 birds at Treehill Farm, Marloes on 15th Nov. A single bird seen on Skomer & around the Marloes area from 9th until 21st May
2016Six at Skomer then Marloes 4th Nov had decreased to five by the 20th they were then seen on Skokholm on the late afternoon of the 6th until dusk but not seen subsequently.  
2017A group of eight over Skomer on 29th Oct and seven in the Marloes area on 4th Nov. Four noted flying over Skomer, on 27th Oct, on the 29th, a flock of 12 on the 29th, with further flocks of 15 and nine on the same day and finally 13 on 2nd Nov.
2018Seven at Marloes Mere 26th Oct, presumably the same as at Dale Airfield 29th Oct, one of which was sporting a neck collar – details here. 14 at Trevine Common 26th Oct – 16th Nov. One passed Strumble Head 23rd Sept
2020Seven at the Gann 24 Jan (also seen at Marloes Mere the following day) a single there 25 Dec and two on Skokholm 13 Oct were the only records received.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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