Red-eyed Vireo – 2019

Vireo olivaceusFireo Llygatgoch / Telor LlygatgochVagrant

Jodie (storm petrel researcher) found a stunning Red-eyed Vireo in the Courtyard. This was just the second for Skokholm and the third for Pembrokeshire! Having fed for a while on Craneflies outside of the Cottage, it made its way back into the Courtyard where it showed a bit of interest in the flies which have gathered around the oranges stuck to Elder branches in anticipation of tomorrow’s Baltimore Oriole (the last vireo on Skokholm, the first for Wales and fifth for Britain found on 14th October 1967, occurred four days after our first Baltimore Oriole was last seen, so we are being optimistic).

Having been trapped in the Courtyard mist net and ringed, it was released back into its favoured bushes where it fed until dusk (and a really quite spectacular sunset).

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