Tree Sparrow – records

Passer montanus – GOLFAN MYNYDDScarce visitor, formerly bred

Given the increasing scarcity of this species in Pembrokeshire, all records since 2000 are given here.

2000 – Present in the Castle Morris nest box scheme area but no details of breeding available. Otherwise, singles Manorbier 18-19 March and Castell Malgwyn 11 June, 2 Skomer 8 May.

2001 – 5 nr Upper Haythog 3 Feb, singles Treleddyd fawr 11 Nov, Skomer 6 & 13 May, 9, 11 & 20 Sept, 2 there 1 Nov and 3 on 21 Sept.

2002 – One Mullock 23 Nov (SJS) was the only record

2003 – One Llawhaden 2-4 Jan. 3 birds present at one site 15 May and 4 June, 2 holding territory. Breeding occurred Ramsey for the first time, a pair nested and 2 young fledged 12 July.

2004 – Up to 6 were in the Castle Morris area Jan-Mar. One pair bred once again Ramsey rearing 6 young. In autumn, one was in the St David’s airfield area 15 Oct.

2005 – Nr Llandeloy 17 Mar, up to 7 St Florence 7 April to year’s end, 2 Skomer 25 Apr and a single 12 Nov and Traeth Llyfn 22 Sept.

2006 – Up to 15+ present St Florence Jan-Feb, singles Hubberston 14 Jan, Kilpaison 1 July. On Skomer: 2 on 10 May and one on 31st and present 3 Jun.

2007 – Only two records were received, firstly of a single at Llangloffan Fen on 3rd – 31st Jan. (BH) and three at Strumble Head on 24m Oct. (RW).

2008 – Singles Llangloffan 17th, 18th and 24th Jan, Grassholm 16th-1 7th July, two Newtown on 18th Apr and seven Treddiog Fach on 16th June. One on Skomer 12th May.

2009 – Five near Marros Mountain SN1809 on 26th Jan and two at Crow Hill on 4th-5th May were the only records received.

2010 – There were only two records this year both of singles, the first in the layby opposite Llangloffan Graveyard possibly bathing or collecting grit on 5th Aug (AR). The other was on Skomer on 9th to 11th Oct (DB).

2011 – The only record received was of a single at St.Davids Head on 21st Apr (MYP).

2012 – The only report of this species in 2012 was of two with Yellowhammers at Martletwy on 25th Dec (B & AH).

2013 – All records received were: one at Woodhouse 19th & 21st Feb, five at Caerfai 28th Apr, two at Abercastle 5th May & another single bird between Newton Cross & Mathry in December.

2014 – Up to two birds seen in the Treddiog/ Newton Cross area near Hayscastle between 2nd & 4th Jan then two at Trefeiddan on 22nd Apr. Later in the year, a juvenile at St. Davids Head on 15th Sept, then finally the amazing record of a bird on Grassholm on 14th Oct, the 2nd record for the island, the previous being another single bird on 16th & 17th July 2008.

2017 – The only records were of one at St. Davids Head on 8th Apr and one at the farm, Skomer 3rd – 5th May.

2018 – Singles Skokholm on 26th May and 29th Sept. Two Strumble Head 29th Sept

2019 – One Ramsey 22 – 23 April

2020 – One visited a garden in Furzy Park Estate, Haverfordwest, December 2019 – 5 Jan 2020. Singles at Little Haven 7 Feb, Pencarnan Camp, St. Davids on 4 Apr and Broad Haven – Haroldston 17 Oct. Three Skomer 16 May,

Source – Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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