Grey Phalarope – records

Phalaropus fulicarius – LLYDANDROED LLWYD – Passage migrant. Not recorded from April to July

Earlier records are summarised in Grey Phalarope 2006

2007 – All records were of singles: at the Nevern Est. on 30 Oct. and passing off Strumble Head on the 8 & 25 Sept., 29th Oct. and the 10 Nov.

2008 – a very good autumn for records of this species, with what must have been a large number of individuals off shore, including a count of 20+ near the Smalls Lighthouse on the 17th Sept. (with one group of 11) and 3 near Grassholm on 19 Sept.

All other records were of singles: near Smalls Lighthouse on the 30 Aug, off Freshwater West and North Haven, Skomer on the 11 and 12 Sept. & 7 Oct., off Castlemartin on the 21 Sept and near Grassholm on the 25 Sept.

Recorded passing Strumble Head: single on 13 Sept. & 1 Oct. and two on 2 Oct. Storm driven birds were reported from Pembroke Mill Pond on 2 Sept., on the driveway of a house in St. Florence on the 11 Sept. and at Hook & Little Milford on the 13 Sept.

2009 – A single at Newgale from 14 to 26 Jan, singles at Angle Bay 16 Jan, Wooltack Point 22 Nov, Freshwater West 28 & 29 Nov.

2010 – All records were from Strumble Head, where one was seen on 22 July, three were reported on 24 Aug and one was there on 29 Aug.

2011 – This proved to be a bumper year for passage of this species off Strumble Head. In September: singles on 5, 13, 14, 22 & 26, with two on 17 and six on 18. In October: two on 6th, ten on 7th, two on 17th and a single on 18th. There were also late records in December of singles on 5th, 17th & 20th Dec. Overall this was the second best year for records of this species at Strumble Head, since 1980, after the 35 in 2001.

2012 – A quiet year for the species at Strumble Head in 2012 with only five records all of single birds on 29 July (2nd earliest Strumble record), 24 & 26 Aug, 13 Sept & 12 Oct. Two off Ramsey on 11 Sept was the only non-Strumble record.

2013 – a good year for the species at Strumble Head with a total of 14 birds recorded on 10 dates between 25 August & 3 Nov, max three on 16 Sept. A single also seen from St. Davids Head on 29 October.

2014 – Strumble Head recorded nine birds this year, singles on 11 & 29 Aug, 3 & 7 Nov with the maximum day count being five on 21 Oct. Ramsey had one fly south on 4 Oct and two on 21st of the same month.

2015 – A single bird at St. Bride’s from 26 to 28 Dec (video above by Annie Haycock). At Strumble Head a total of 10 birds recorded, seven on 31 Aug, one on 5 Sept and two on 21 Nov.

2016 – At Strumble Head a total of 10 birds recorded. In August a single on the 3rd, in September singles on 2nd & 16th with three on 17th and two on 29th, then in November singles on 4th & 9th. One winter record at St. Justinians on 6th Jan.

2017 – A total of seven birds recorded from Strumble Head this year, singles on 18 Aug, 3 & 10 Oct, with two on 19 Aug & 11 Sept. One off St. Justinians on 21 Sept and one in North Haven, Skomer on 16 Sept.

2018 – Singles seen on Skomer 21 Sept, and Skokholm 17 Oct. Two off Strumble Head on 21 Sept and one on 23rd. Two off Skomer on 15 Oct.

2019 – All records from Strumble Head: one on 6 & 31 Aug, two on 1 Sept and three on 5 Sept and eight on 6 Oct. Singles Skokholm 21 Aug & 10 Oct. One was picked up, dazed by flying into a wall at Newgale on 11 October.  The bird was released the following day.

2020 – All records were from Strumble Head: single on 28 July and four on 22 Aug

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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