Wryneck – records

Jynx torquillaPengamPassage migrant, has bred

Earlier records are summarised in Wryneck 1994

1993Singles Skomer 18, 25 and 29 Aug, Skokholm 20 Sept, Ramsey 26 Aug and 14 Sept, Hayscastle 20 Aug, Milford Haven 25 Aug, Broad Haven 11 Sept and Johnston 30 Oct.
1994One at Skomer 3-9 Sept was the only record
1995Single Skokholm 3-8 Apr,Singles Treginnis 14 Sept and Dale Airfield 16 Sept.
1996One Skomer 15 Sept
1997Single Glogue 2 JuneSingles Skomer 11-17 Aug, Skokholm 14 & 19 Sept and Strumble Head 5 Oct.
1998Singles Skokholm 29 Aug – 1 Sept and 10 Sept , Skomer 2, 6 & 8 Sept and 25 – 27 Sept, Goodwick 14 Sept and Martin’s Haven 19-20 Sept.
1999Singles Ramsey 11 – 12 Sept (RH), Strumble Hd 5 Sept (SB) & 19 Oct (GHR) and Goodwick 17 Oct (CB)
2000Good autumn for this species: singles Skomer 14, 16 & 21-22 Sept, two 24-26 & 29- 30 Sept. Singles Skokholm 11, 14-15 & 26-27 Sept, Ramsey 10-12 Sept, Martin’s Haven 3- 11 Sept, Porthlysgi 4 & 20 Oct, Texaco 28 Sept, Broad Haven (N) 29 Sept, St. Govan’s 30 Sept and Strumble Hd 22 Oct.
2001Singles Skomer 12-13 May29 Aug and 12-14 Oct, Skokholm 8 Oct, Ramsey 29 Aug and 1-2 Sept, St. Justinians 23 Sept and Ivor’s Pond 29 Sept.
2002Singles Skomer 16-17 Sept (JGB) and Strumble Hd 1 Oct (G.V)
2003Singles Mullock Bridge 9 Apr, and Skokholm 17 Apr.Singles Gann 5 Sept, Dale airfield 9 Sept and 11 Nov, Ramsey 27 Sept, Skokholm 9 and 11 Sept, 13-14 and 19 Oct, Skomer an elusive bird on 2 Sept, up to 2 seen until 29 Sept.
2004Skomer singles on 26 Aug, 2 Sept, 5-6 Sept, 12-13 Sept, 17 Sept, 22 Sept and 25 Sept, with two possibly present 9-10 Sept.
2005singles Cressely 4 Sept, Carew Cheriton 4 Sept, Gann 5-7 Sept, Pen Anglas 6 Sept, Ramsey 10-21 Sept, Martin’s Haven 3 Oct, Skomer 22 Oct and Dale 23 Oct.
2006Single Skomer 24 Apr only spring recordAn excellent autumn for this species, Skomer singles 11 Sept, 22-23 Sept, 28-29 Sept, 6-7 Oct with two on 25 Sept. Singles Ramsey 22- 24 Sept, Skokholm 17 Oct, Goodwick Moor 27-28 Aug, Strumble Hd 19 Sept, Carn Llidi St Davids 24 Sept and three St Davids Hd 26 Sept and finally a single Pen Anglas 28 Sept. Additonal record for 2006, one at West Hook on 29th Sept.
2007single Skokholm on 15th-16th Apr. (JH),Singles Trefelyn Farm near Mathry on 21st Apr. (TJP) and at Strumble Head by Tresinwen on 1st Sept.
2008On Skomer singles recorded on 31st Aug, 5-8th Sept, Sept, 12-19th Sept and on 19th Sept. Elsewhere singles Ramsey on 17th-18th Apr and 31st Aug. One in a garden at Dinas Cross on 16th Sept.
2009Single Ramsey on 24 Mayon Skomer a single bird at the chicken sheds on and off 7 – 28 Sept.
2010he only spring record was at Llys-y-fran on 3-4 May.. Autumn records singles in September at Porthmelgan on 3-4, Martins Haven 4-5, Strumble Head on 5th, St. Davids Head 3rd, 4th, 7th & 11th, Ramsey on 4th, 7th & 13th, on Skomer 7th, 13th & 26th, in Haverfordwest on 7th and St. Govan’s Head on the 17th.
2011The only spring record was of one on Skomer on 10 Apr.In autumn there were singles at Ramsey 4– 3 Sept, Pencarnan on 30 Sept, St. Davids Head on 13 Oct and St. Govan’s on 6 Nov. On Skomer singles 1st, 4th, 7th, 15th, 25th & 28th Sept with two here on 2nd & 29th Sept then singles 1st, 2nd, 14th & 15th Oct.
2012singles at: Cilgerran between 23-25 Aug, with presumably the same bird caught on the Teifi Marshes on the 31 Aug, Strumble Head 5 Sept, Skomer from the 10 Sept onwards, Porthgain 13 Sept, Ramsey on 15th, Martins Haven 18 Sept and Skokholm 21 Sept.
2013singles Martins Haven on 3rd, 9th & 30th Sept and 5th Oct, Skokholm on 7th – 9th Sept, a different individual on 13th & 14th, two on 24th Sept, with one remaining until possibly the 8th Oct and another bird on 5th Oct. Ramsey & Skomer on 10th Sept, Broad Haven (N) on 13th Sept, at Whitesands on 22nd Sept, St. Gwyndaw Churchyard, Llanwnda-Goodwick on 30th Sept, at Freshwater West and Whitesands on 2nd Oct, St Davids Head on 3rd Oct. Two Skokholm on 24th Sept and 5th Oct.
2014St. Bride’s 11th – 14th Mar.singles: on Skomer 3rd – 6th Sept,13th – 18th Sept involving two different birds and 13th – 16th Oct, at Pencarnan Camp on 6th Sept, St. David’s Head on 19th Sept, Ramsey on 21st & 26th Sept (thought to have been different birds), on Skokholm 6th – 16th Sept,13th & 22nd Oct, 2nd & 12th Nov.
2015two on Skokholm on 7th Apr and single on 15th Apr, two on Skomer on 9th Apr with one remaining until 15th, one on 13th June and one on Ramsey 23rd Apr. The only mainland record came from Gilat Point on 7th Apr.Singles in September at Penally on 9th, Skomer 9th & 10th, Erwlon on 13th and Ramsey on 17th & 18th.
2016singles at: St David’s Head on 24th-25th Aug, on Skokholm between 15th-17th Sept and Rosson Farm St David’s on 15th Oct. On Skomer at least seven different birds involved, 28th Aug, up to two 29th Aug until 17th Sept, one 22nd Sept, three 23rd, with one still there on 24th, a new bird on 27th Sept – 2nd Oct, finally one on 5th Oct.
2017Singles Skokholm 23 Aug, St. Davids Head on 24 -25 Aug, on Skomer 29 Aug – 9 Sept and at Marloes Deer Park on 2– 6 Sept
2018singles Deer Park 4 -12h Sept and Rhoscrowther on 29 Sept, with two St Davids Head on 7 Sept. On Skokholm singles on 10 dates between 31 August-12 September. On Skomer singles in September on 7–9, 11 and 26–28th.
2019singles: Pencarnan Camp, St. Davids 24-26 Aug, Skokholm 25 28 Aug, 1-4 Sept and 16-17 Sept.
2020one on Skomer 12 – 27 Sept, with two on 15th and one was found dead at
Tavernspite – Llanteg on 19 Sept.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports

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