Swallow – first and last dates

Hirundo rustica – GWENNOL – Breeding summer visitor and passage migrant

‘Winter’ records are observations between December and March, usually at least a month after the last migration records. However, in some years this distinction is not made in the the bird reports.

YearFirstLastWinter records
198117 March31 October2 December
198226 March16 November 
198310 March14 November 
198431 March12 November 
198530 March21 October 
198617 March10 November4 December
19874 April27 October 
198826 March6 November 
198920 March29 OctoberOne wintered at Haverfordwest, being first seen on 9 Jan and last seen about 4 Mar after which it was feared that it succumbed during sudden frost (JWD et al).
199030 March26 October 
199129 March30 October2 December
199218 March30 October 
199315 March10 October 
199420 March20 November 
199523 March16 NovemberOne Teifi Marshes 13 January
199619 March7 November 
199730 March3 November 
199818 March25 November 
199923 March5 November 
200011 March12 November 
200124 March16 November 
200224 March20 November 
200327 March12 November 
200419 March31 OctoberWinter records – Singles St Davids 1 and 9 December, and 4 Texaco Refinery Nov to 31 December – survival probably helped by the microclimate at the refinery
200517 March21 NovemberAt Texaco refinery, 4 wintered until 3rd week Jan then down to 3 by end of month, one remained until 10 Mar. 4 were ringed on 1 Jan, one that had been caught on 20 Dec 2004 had lost 25% of its body weight between these two dates. Singles Milford Haven 1 Mar & W. Angle 10 Jan, were probably from Texaco. 3 Amroth 26-27 Jan.
200627 March2 November 
200714 March3 NovemberSingle at Bosherston on 7 December
200827 March26 OctoberDecember records included: 3 at Stackpole Home Farm 9th and 11th, 2 here on 22nd, singles St Anns Head on 11th, and Pembroke Dock on 3rd and 24th, and birds at the Chevron refinery on 12th.
200913 March23 OctoberLast surviving swallow at Chevron was last seen on 5 January, 2nd bird found dead due to the cold weather. Winter records: two hawking around farm buildings at Church Farm, Castlemartin on 22nd November.
201017 March16 October 
201113 March26 October 
201218 March8 NovemberDecember records were from Hundleston with two on 5th and 10th and a single on 7th.
20139 April14 November 
201417 March1 November 
20152 April18 November 
201623 March4 December 
201712 March4 December 
201817 March26 October 
201914 March8 December 
202018 March1 December
202119 March17 November

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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